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We are a small community of fans that want to bring you the latest wrestling news and events from all around the world.

Over on our Facebook page we bring you the latest news, results, stories, events etc.

Our goal here is to provide you with brand new content not available on our page such as:

  • Interviews

  • Talent Sponsorship information

  • Podcasts

  • One off media

  • And more

We are called Pro Wrestling Worldwide.  Our aim is to bring wrestling fans together and show others, who are not in the know, that there is more wrestling out there than just Impact, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, WWE, and so on.  We want to help out smaller or lesser known promotions across the world.

We are happy to help promote local shows, profiles, pages, and events  through social media networking (in excess of 20,000 followers) and hope to help showcase talent from around the world.

We love pro wrestling and want to help people get into promotions they don't know about.  We want to help promotions grow.  We want to help showcase talent (this is where interviews come in).  Our team are based mainly in the UK but we have contacts in New Zealand, Australia and  USA.  We are always on the look for like-minded fans to help fans, local promotions and talent.  The team here at Pro Wrestling Worldwide are dedicated fans who want to help to bring people together.  Pro wrestling is an art form.  It brings people together and that's exactly what we want to achieve.

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