Adira is a (now retired) female pro wrestler from Devon, England.  She is known for her time in Plymouth Wrestling Association and LEP - both in Devon, England.

How long have you been wrestling and what made you want to become a professional wrestler?

I began training in 2013 with John Harding in PWA and I believe I started having matches in 2014. I've always wanted to be a wrestler since I was a kid. It was something I would draw and act out in my room just like most wrestlers have done. However as I got older my interest diminished but watching Wrestlemania 28 while in university rekindled my love for wrestling and later that year I began getting involved with PWA and the rest is history.

What would you consider the hardest part about being professional female athlete in a male dominated sport?

I would say that it's much easier for women now than it was when I first started. Women's wrestling used to be a niche interest and getting opponents was always difficult. Since the WWE has changed its stance as well as the success of things like GLOW on Netflix it's finally getting some well needed representation and women's wrestling is finally treated as legitimate. Before a lot people considered it a joke and doubted most females abilities unless they actively followed the female wrestling scene.  I'm glad things have changed and we are able to move forward from those days.

If you can name wrestlers who influence your style, who would they be?

I'm a fan of Japanese wrestling especially the very hard hitting nature of it. I'd watch a lot of NJPW as well as JWP, ice ribbon, old Joshi matches and Stardom so I try and take things from there that I like. For someone bigger like me I looked to people like Aja Kong and Bull Nakano for a lot of my inspiration. They were true pioneers.

Who are your favourite, and who would be your dream opponents, to face?

My absolute favourite male wrestler is Daniel Bryan. I just think he's a wrestling genius and I love everything he does. My favourite female wrestler is Asuka. I've followed her work for years and I'm glad to see her doing so well in WWE. It's always nice to see someone you've followed on a niche level succeed.  As for dream opponents, Asuka would be a dream although she'd easily kick me into oblivion.  On a local level I'd love to face probably all of Dead Man's Hand [heel stable in LEP, Torquay, Devon] because they've done a grand job of being a bunch of life ruiners that I'd love to break them all in two.


What do you think of the current state of women’s wrestling?

It's the healthiest it's ever been. Women's wrestling is a major attraction these days. I would like to see more of it in the South West but considering how far it's come since back then I'm very hopeful for the future.

How does it make you feel when people discriminate women’s wrestling and what should be done about it?


It does hurt. To feel discredited based on your gender sucks but you can't actively do anything about it. People have their opinions but all we can do is go out there and change people's minds one match at a time.


Do you believe women can, let's say, one day main event a show like WWE's Wrestlemania?


Yes I do. I'd go one step further. I believe one day we'll have a female WWE/universal champion headlining WM.


For anyone unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your in-ring style and character?


My ring style is part powerhouse and part brawler. Go in and kick the crap out of my opponent and then throw them around till they can't stand.   My character is a no nonsense kinda woman and definitely not the sort of person you want to double cross. I hold grudges. My M.O is 'Good Clean Violence'. Some might see that as a contradictory statement, I don't. No BS, just brutality.


What is the deal with Dead Man’s Hand in LEP and how do you feel about them?


Dead Man's Hand are the cancer of LEP. They need to be removed before they destroy LEP from within. As long as there are people like me and others not enamoured by their allure and willing to fight for it then DMH will never have complete supremacy.


LEP had the first Dead Man’s Hand in control show Feb 17th 2018, how did that go?


Well we lost. I tried my best and came up short and that's a bitter pill to swallow.


Do you agree that Dead Man’s Hand is a poison to LEP?  And who do you think the antidote could be?


As I've stated before, they are a cancer. The antidote is simple. We need all remaining LEP loyals to be on the same page. We need a robust and aggressive resistance. We need a war.

You seem to be in the middle of a rivalry with Dead Man’s Hand member Ruthless Ruth Jackson.  I’d like to get your thoughts on her, how the rivalry started, did you beat her for the title 17th Feb 2018?

Jackson has guts but she's a classic case of a girl getting in with the wrong crowd. She's talented and I won't take that away from her but what started out as a bit of a heated rivalry has spiralled into a seething hatred for one another the deeper down the DMH rabbit hole Jackson sinks.

I know you work in LEP, are you at all interested in being in Plymouth for the new REACH promotion and care to tell us if they’ve contacted you, or vice versa?

I would absolutely be interested in working for REACH. Working in Plymouth is always a pleasure and I'd love to be  able to do it again.

Similar question as above but for CPW (Cornish Pro Wrestling) / DWA (Devon Wrestling Association)?

I'd love to work all the south west promotions. Everywhere deserves some good clean violence.

If I’m not mistaken, you did some training with PWA (Plymouth Wrestling Association) Academy and at least had some matches there.  Can you tell me your thoughts on the now defunct company and how you feel now it has come to an end, knowing you were there near the end?

I began with PWA. It's where I started and I have a special place in my heart for it always. I'm sad it's gone. I'm hopeful for the future with REACH. Plymouth needs a dedicated local promotion and I wish it all the success in the future to make that happen.

Have you got any future dates/projects or anything else that you want to plug?

Nothing concrete as of yet. I suppose stay tuned.

What’s next for you? Where are you going / what are your plans?

My biggest ambition right now is to get my hands on that LEP Women's Championship. I came up short last time and that kills me. I was the first woman in LEP and in the beginning wrestled the men and even had a streak of wins.  I was bested by Jackson regardless and that is all on me. I still kick myself over it and I hate seeing that belt associated with DMH. It belongs in the hands of those loyal to LEP not treacherous scum like them.

Are there any people or organisations you’d like to give a special thank you / shout out to?

I'd like to give regards to everyone who's helped me grow as a wrestler. I'm eternally thankful.

Sadly, Adira has now retired from wrestling

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