If you are interested in PWW helping you advertise your promotion/business, social media account(s) or website, please contact us here, we will then be in touch to discuss arrangements.

We offer different tiers for our services:

Tier 1: Maximum of 5 slots available.

This service is free if you collaborate with PWW. If you choose this option, you'll receive a spread on our  collaborations page.

Tier 2: Maximum of 5 slots available.

This service is £5GBP ($7USD / €6) per month for the first 3 months then £10 ($14USD / €12) there after.  If you choose this option, we will provide for a link to your website/social media page on our website and in various posts on our Facebook page.  This will be subjected to a couple of posts a day a couple of times a week.

Tier 3: Maximum of 5 slots available.

This service is a sponsorship fee of £50GBP ($64USD / €56) a year.  NOTE: This tier is currently under development and we are still in the planning phase. We are not yet ready to accept payment for this service at this time. However, if this tier is of interest to you, please click here for further information on our exclusive sponsorship service.

Terms and Conditions:

We ask that all payments are made by either bank transfer or via PayPal (if using this method please select pay as a gift). Please note there are no exceptions to these payment methods.

Proof of payment will be sent to you either automatically by PayPal or manually by bank transfer within 24 hours of PWW receiving your payment.  Proof of advertising will be sent to you for Tiers 01 and 02.  With Tier 3, this will take us a little longer, as we have to discuss the details about creating the backdrop and arranging the layout to suit the client’s requirements.

All payments are final and no refunds can be considered. No subscriptions are required and you can pay for our services for as long as you wish.  We are able to consider discounts where multiple purchases are made.  We require payments to be made by the 1st of the month.  We however are flexible and can discuss exceptions to this on an individual basis.

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