My name is Marie-Eve Charest (The Black Widow Eve) I'm a women's wrestler from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How long have you been in the business and what made you want to become a professional wrestler?

I began 12 years ago when I was 15 years old.  I think I'm like every wrestler haha watching wrestling at the TV when we were kids, but when I was 9 years old my father passed away and after that, I didn't want to do anything I used to do with him before, so I stopped watching wrestling.  My mom and me moved and I made new friends, and they like wrestling so at 14 years old I began training.

What would you consider the hardest part about being professional female athlete in a male dominated sport?


To prove we can do it, we are not just dolls who pulled our hairs, but now the women's wrestling is so different than before!  We proved to everyone we can do the same things the guys do and women's wrestlers do the job very well!

What are some of your career highlights?

In Montreal it was winning the Olympic Belt (men's belt) at ICW {not to be confused with Insane Championship Wrestling from Glasgow, Scotland}.
My match with Arianna at Rise's Shimmer was good too. 
And now, to train with Impact/GFW wrestling with Scott D'amor, Johnny Devine And Jon Bolen is great!

If you can name 3 wrestlers who influence your style, who would they be?

Chyna, Chris Benoit And Steve Austin 

Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of WOMEN’S Wrestling?

I really love Saraya Knight, she's strong, she never gives up and she's very good, she has all the elements you need in the ring!

Who would you say is/are the next breakthrough female star(s) in Wrestling?


So many good talents!!! I really don't know! 

Who are your favourite and dream opponents to face?


My favourite opponents were Stacy Thibault, Maximum Mecca and Lufisto both of us are strong and make intense matches together.  My dream opponent, Gail Kim, she's so good, has so much experience, I think we can make something good together in the ring.

What do you think of the current state of women’s wrestling?

That's awesome and I hope that will stay like that for a long time!

How does it make you feel when people discriminate women’s wrestling and what should be done about it?

Before I was feeling a little bit mad, but now, that gives me more motivation. You don't like women's wrestling, you think we are all dolls, watch out babe, we will surprise you 😉 


What companies do you currently wrestle in?


In Montreal it's ICW {not to be confused with Insane Championship Wrestling from Glasgow, Scotland},CRW
In Ontario its Big Time Pro Wrestling and I train with BCW/Impact/GFW 
In USA its New England Championship Wrestling, World Women's Wrestling And Rogue Women's Warrior 

Do you believe women can, let's say, one day main event a show like WWE's Wrestlemania?

Maybe not the main event but the match of the night... yes for sure 😉 

What’s next for you? Where are you going / what are your plans?

Finish the training with M. D'amor and after I really want to try wrested in Europe! 

A Big thank you to all the fans they support Women's wrestling, thank you to all the staff of Pro Wrestling Worldwide to give the chance to be on your website
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