Blogger Vacancies

 Blogger Vacancies:

Blogger Requirements:

We're on the hunt for bloggers who will write about the live events they go to.

*Create your own original work. Don’t copy/repost others work.
*Give details of the event, including promotion name, event name and location.


All show reviews should contain the following:
*Details of each match, who was involved, the highlights, the finish and the result.
*Give your thoughts on the match (e.g what you liked, what you didn't like; giving your reasons for this).
*Any further thoughts of the match.

*Whilst photos are not a requirement, if you are able to take some, then please feel free to include them. This is event permitting.
*You MUST NOT currently work for another blogger/media company. This is in fairness for both parties.
*You CAN apply if you are already doing this for your own personal blog.
*If you already have a blogger account, we can link this to our website, and you will be free to do as you please.

Important Details:

*Please always remember to use hashtags. This helps build our audience.

*Remember to use your username followed by a link to the website under every post.

If you feel you are the ideal candidate, and are able to do the above, please contact us ASAP by using the contact form HERE.


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