Chuck Mambo is a British professional wrestler, mostly known for his time in Progress Wrestling.

First of all, please tell us a little about yourself (how long you've been wrestling, companies you've worked in/career highlights).


I have been wrestling since 2013 for a buncha wonderful companies! I’m the first ever Brighton Champion at Riptide, I won the Progress Wrestling World Cup this year, oh! And I am the Scramble MASTER at Fight Club Pro!

Where did you train to become a wrestler?

Progress, with Jimmy Havoc, Darrell Allen and Eddie Dennis.

What would you consider the hardest part about being a professional athlete?

The car rides! I swear to god they take more of a toll on your body than any of the..well ok most of, the moves! Jesus trains are so 100 times better than cars aren’t they?! I’m pretty sure they’re more eco friendly too...MORE TRAINS!

Who are your favourite wrestlers?

Growing up my favourites were Mick Foley, The Hulkster, The Rock and HBK. These days my favourite wrestlers to watch include Eddie Dennis, Finn Balor, Zack Sabre Jr and Owen Hart.

You portray a “surfer” character.  Being from Newquay (Cornwall, UK), did you do a lot of surfing and do you miss it now you reside elsewhere?

I did a fair old bit of surfing growing up. Basically when I was at the projo I asked Jim Smallman for a bit of help with character stuff and he replied “I imagine you own a surfboard don’t you?” “Just go with that” SO...I DID! And luckily that meant I pretty much just got to be me in the ring from day one. Definitely looking back at it, I used to be a bit more try hard with the whole “surfer” thing.  Whereas now I just completely be me and surfing doesn’t really come into it that much anymore.  I guess I’m more wrestler than surfer at this point, I hope so anyway!  Oh and yeah obviously when I get a chance to get down to a beach that is always really nice though!

I’d like to get your thoughts and opinion on the current state of pro wrestling in the UK.

I absolutely love brit wres! I think it’s the coolest! Not that I’ve really travelled to far elsewhere yet, but man! It’s the most positive, supportive, welcoming, fun, friendly, COOL scene in the world if you ask me!!  SO many people in the British Wrestling scene have gone out of their way to help me! And that inspires you to wanna go out of your way to help others! AND JUST EVERY WEEKEND there is so much great stuff going on whether it’s in some awesome huge venue or like in some shabby shack in the middle of nowhere it’s just always such a sick atmosphere and I definitely feel super lucky to be a part of it, hey cheers brit wres!

There has been many changes over the past few months, with the relaunch of World of Sport & NXT UK, does this change affect your outlook on wrestling and/or your future?

I’m super psyched for World of Sport relaunching and WWE starting their NXT UK brand! I think it’s awesome that the scene is getting the attention it deserves! And it’s really sweet to see so many deserving dudes getting major opportunities! In terms of if it changes my outlook? I think they both represent AWESOME opportunities and they both look sweet to be involved in! I don’t really have a fixed view of the future to be honest! I just wanna wrestle my whole life and see the world and have fun! If I got to do that with either of those awesome companies, THAT WOULD BE DELIGHTFUL!

You're featured quite heavily in PROGRESS Wrestling.  What is it like to work for one of the largest (and best) promotions in the UK?

It’s a total blast!  It's real sweet to be in these super awesome shows, with such a diehard fan base that are coming along month after month and I think it’s been real cool that the audience there have seen me grow from day 1!  ALSO! So far, the biggest company I’ve wrestled for, EVERYONE back stage is so cool and supportive and all help each other out, and I’m next to POSITIVE that that is how [PROGRESS is] at the top! Cos they’re cool as shit and all go out of their way to make the scene better.

Is there any company in the UK that you haven't worked in that you would like to?  (I hear REACH in Plymouth is a great place to be if I may plug my local promotion).

I’D LOVE TO WRESTLE EVERYWHERE MAN!  OTT!!! FOR SURE!  I’d like to be doing more with IPW, I’d love to get involved with DEFIANT, NGW obviously ICW and Discovery up at the tip top of our island, hearing good things about REACH in Plymouth! I’d like to wrestle for STRIKE, I’d love to get involved with Frontline of course, and I’m enjoying getting more involved at Fight Club Pro and Rev Pro so i hope that keeps up n up! I’m sure I’ll think of some more once I’ve finished and kick myself but basically anywhere that I have not wrestled, I would like to!

How do you feel about the rise of PROGRESS Wrestling?

It’s great!

How did your victory at the PROGRESS "Hello Wembley!" show feel for you?  (For those unaware, Chuck was the victor in the opening battle royal).

OH IT WAS A REAL BUZZ MAN! That was my 4th show of the weekend, and what with so many people in the ring and everything there was so much to pull your attention that you almost couldn’t take in what ya were doing but just as I eliminated Pasta (sorry Pasta) [Pastor William Eaver] and realised like “WOW! I’m in the ring with some of my best buds in front of 4000 n something people in Wembley Arena, hah! SICK!!” And from there on out it was just a hyper mega blast man!

Speaking of Wembley, we saw Doug Williams retire on the day after losing his Atlas title.  A man that gave 25 years of his life to the sport we all love. A sad day for British wrestling fans, did it hit you as hard as it hit us?

To be honest, I think, going out on such a grand stage, which wouldn’t have been possible without him keeping the scene alive all those years before it got “cool” again was such a good way to go, it was less sad and more a testimony to ya know, everything his 25 years of work has helped achieve. It was a more of a celebratory atmosphere that day than a sad one that's for sure.

Speaking of titles, what championships have you won and which one was the hardest to obtain?

I have held the Attack Pro Wrestling 24/7 Championship for **cough**, nearly 2 minutes I’d guess!  AND then this summer I won the tournament to crown the first Brighton Champion at Riptide, which I plan on defending and holding on to for a very long time! First defence November 2nd actually! I’d plug tickets but it's sold out BABY!

Continuing from titles, you took on former PROGRESS World Champion, and current NXT UK Superstar, Travis Banks for the title but were unsuccessful.  Was this your biggest match of your career and what was it like to wrestle him?

Oh yeah! That was a hell of a buzz going in man! Sadly I did come up short yeah, I guess no shame in losing to a wrestler who is that good though eh!

You’ve teamed quite a bit with Pastor William Eaver as Sweet Jesus, how did that come about and what are your thoughts on the team and your chemistry?

Well actually we haven’t teamed for a quite a while actually! BUT WE WILL RIDE AGAIN IN DECEMBER at battle pro wrestling in south London so be sure to check it out!!

Basically we were training together and good friends and Jon asked us if we’d like a tag match on the main show, we didn’t realise it’d be against the bloomin’ SDS! [Sumerian Death Squad, Tommy End and Michael Dante] It was a mad fun time but OUCH! Baptism by fire as a tag team eh! Thanks sds by the way! That match really was mega fun! AND from there, I think because we’d come up with a kinda good name for the team, and we had a good showing against SDS.  They ran with us! Sadly just as we were kinda finding a flow as a team again after doing some singles stuff Pasta hurt his leg real badly but he’s looking healed now so HOPEFULLY we can team together more n more going forward!

For the most part though, I don’t think of us as a tag team as much as two really good friends who sometimes team up! He is definitely one of the most enigmatic, wild, positive and wonderful people in all of wrestling! AND A TREAT TO BE AROUND!

Do you prefer tag team wrestling or singles wrestling?  Or is it a bit of both for you?

Yeah i really enjoy the variety of getting to singles somedays, scrambles others, tag matches others ya know, its all good to me! Its all wrestling!

During my research for the interview, I came across an interview where you mentioned you watch NXT.  Will you be watching NXT UK and if given the opportunity would you go? What about World of Sport, if given the opportunity?

Oh I’ll definitely be watching NXT UK FOR SURE! And oh heavens yeah! I don’t think there’s many people in this world who wouldn’t wanna wrestle for the wwe given the chance! The stuff over at ITV looks great too!

Like I said before really, if I’m wrestling! I’m happy! And the more places I get to do that the better!

You have wrestled for the American promotions CZW and Chikara.  How was it to wrestle for them and how was time there?

AH! CZW were absolute dudes! I was headed over to America to see some pals but before i went  Drake Younger was over doing seminars so I asked him if there was anywhere he recommended contacting and he said about CZW being near where I was gonna be and so yeah it was awesome! A real cool buncha cats!!

And Chikara was awesome! That was a King of Trios that they were running in Wolverhampton in the Fight  Club venue so it was sick cos all the fight club dudes are awesome, all the chikara dudes are awesome! IT WAS ONE WHOLE HEAP OF POSITIVITY! ! ! ! aaand I got to hear one of the famous Quackenbusch pre-show talks! Truly an inspiring thing!

Who do you think is the next breakout star in British wrestling and, aside from yourself of course, who would like to see make it big time?


WHOO!! break out stars?! It’s tricky to answer eh cos I don’t wanna make it sound like someone hasn’t broken out if they already have ya know? Like I’m selling ‘em short

But uuuh..obviously TK Cooper is on the brink of Escaping the Midcard, SO TOO IS SPIKE TRIVET! Who has really smashed it pretty hard in under 2 years!! Damon Moser I think you’ll be seeing more places in the coming months!


Sexsmith is already a huge deal but I think he’ll be more regular more places soon! Kyle Ashmore!!! HE’S A WILDLY EXCITING RASSLER! Roy Johnson too I reckon will be all over the shop!

I mean, they just wrestled on the main show at Wembley so I guess they’ve already broken out but im sure MnM will be travelling the world this time next year!

ALSO! Niko from Dragon Pro/ Attack will really break out in the next year. And this dude who is definitely already a star but kinda new to the UK NIWA is absolutely sick! So I’m sure in the next couple of months he’ll be all about the place!

Oh! AND I THINK DREW ALREADY COUNTS AS BROKEN OUT!? But just incase he somehow doesn’t, DREW PARKER! He’ll be even BIGGER

Thank you for your time, Chuck, this concludes our interview.

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