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Porsha Rose

Vince (CEO) has teamed up with local wrestling valet, Porsha Rose,

to help sell his new charity T-Shirt, where 50% of the profits will be donated.

A fan of wrestling for a short time, Porsha has been training to

become a wrestler and a valet, with promotions such as

REACH, DWA and NewRobin Wrestling.

To go to her Facebook page, click HERE

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Rasslin Blogs

Vince (CEO) has teamed up with local wrestling bloggers, Rasslin Blogs.

Rasslin Blogs are a group of excellent writers and bloggers, reviewing 

shows they have attended, favourite matches they've seen from WWE/NJPW etc.

Sam from RB interviewed Vince for his work with Bronco Brendan White's interview.

To go to their Facebook page, click HERE

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