My name is Danny Jones I'm from Wales and I've been a pro wrestler for the past 4 years.


What made you want to become a professional wrestler, has it lived up to your expectations? And if not, why?

What made me want to become a professional wrestler was exactly why most others decided to become one. The characters were always larger than life, they were real life superheroes and it's something I always loved as a kid. 

Getting into the wrestling business exceeded my expectations massively. I never thought how many diverse people you'd be able to meet, let alone become close friends with them. I couldn't see myself doing anything else.


It's not what expected when I first started. It's much harder than you think it's going to be before you get into it, any pro wrestler knows how tough it actually is.  When I first started training, I never imagined how intense the workouts/drills were going to be (which are only warm ups). That's without the training that would follow, to really stick it out in a good training school you've got to really want it.

Have you made your debut outside of the UK? If so how do the British crowds compare? And if not, where would you like to go globally?


I have wrestled in Belgium and Malta. The crowds were much better than what I expected, there was around 100-150 people when I went to Belgium and between 400-500 in Malta so there's many countries outside of the UK also doing very well.  I'd like to go as many places as physically possible, such as Japan, USA and all over the mainland.


Wow, Malta?  That's certainly a different culture over there I'm sure and also Belgium.


Yeah it was certainly a different experience very fun though.


In wrestling, you have a bit of everything, strong style, high flying, storytelling and even comedy. What do you believe is the most important factor? Or is it indeed a combination?


I feel the most important factor is being diverse. Wrestling at its best is when there's a variety of performers, styles, shapes/sizes so every aspect is important.


What would you say is your biggest inspiration for being a wrestler and how do you cope with your everyday life in regard to training, travelling and performing in front of crowds?


There's so many different wrestlers from different backgrounds, eras, company's that influence me in small ways so it's a hard question to answer by just picking one. 


It's relatively easy coping if I'm honest. Wrestling is my main priority, so whenever I have university I usually miss the lectures if something wrestling related pops up, whether it be training or shows.

What advice would you give to someone who is training, or due to start training, to be a professional wrestler? 


My biggest advice is to make sure you do your research and train with the right people. How long has that school been in business and what is the calibre of talent that has come out of it? Do they have any links to notable promotions and workers? What opportunities can you get by working hard and training with a school with a great reputation? Research on choosing the right school and working has hard as you can is the most important advice, personally. 


What are your thoughts on the current state of British wrestling compared to American or Japanese?


It's no surprise that British wrestling is on fire at the moment and that is a big deal, as is Japanese and American. Not comparing us to any other country, this year has been the biggest and most pivotal year and I couldn't think of better workers who are almost ambassadors for the country. I'm proud to be a part of it to say the least.


Who has been your toughest opponent from your many battles?  You're a 2 time all Wales champion in only 4 years of wrestling, which is huge step.


Every opponent is as tough as the next. You never go in there thinking it's going to be an easy night, cause you've still got to be working hard and there's always that that idea of needing to protect yourself and your opponent so you don't get hurt. But yeah, as the new All Wales Pro Wrestling Champion, Big Grizzly is definitely up there with one of my toughest opponents.





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