Danny Walsh is a British wrestler from LEP/Torquay wrestling in Torquay, Devon, UK.

Hello Danny, thanks for taking your time to do this interview.

First of all, please tell us a little about yourself including how long you've been wrestling, what companies you've worked in and one's that you currently work in and some of your career highlights.

Started training in 2002 and debuted in 2005 so 15 years as Pro and 18 years in the business. Wowzers! 


I've worked for a lot of companies, shall name a few but will likely forget a lot.

VPW, 4FW, DWA, Premier Promotions FWA, LDN, Pride Promotions, LEP, POW, PWA, CPW, DCW, All Star Wrestling, NCW, PROW, Pro Evo Wrestling, Welsh Wrestling, Fight League and many more.

Currently work at LEP, DWA and then work for a few companies when I can. Those are my main focus at this point in time.

I've had a lot of career highlights from wrestling top legends of this business, sharing the locker room with so much vast experience and won multiple championships in nearly every company I have been in. My career highlight cannot be made into one, I am blessed and humble for even being in this business as this is my life.

What is your opinion on how pro wrestling in the South West is going, especially in Devon and Cornwall?

I think it's doing brilliant, business is booming and there is a lot of work out there for all the workers. Wrestling has been on the up for a number of years and continues to develop popularity. With this, companies are able to capitalise on that, and run some good shows. There are a lot of promotions within the south west and some say that it has become crowded, I say it just makes business that much easier!

Same question but for the UK as a whole.

UK Wrestling has been working hard, a lot won't know the people who have been at the very foundations of making this work. To see it get to this point makes me humble to have been around those very people who are hardly mentioned when it comes to where wrestling in the UK as a whole has come from. I see it only getting bigger and a huge boom that will replace British Wrestling as one of the "in" things to go see. From every worker to every person involved with British Wrestling, keep the work rate up and keep it protected.

One false move could hinder our ascension to the top.

With independent wrestling on the rise, do you think WWE is the place to be?

Yes, WWE to me is always the place to be, it always has and in my eyes always will. I think the independent scene is doing very well allowing workers to make an alternative living if the WWE life is not for them, but no matter who you are, in one time or not WWE would have touched your life, and you would want to go there. Years ago I believed that if your goal was not to get in WWE then what was the point, years past and my opinions changed, but its great to see that options have become available.

Who are your favourite, and who would be your dream opponents, to face?

Triple H & Bret Hart are the reasons I wanted to become wrestler and started to train. They would be my dream opponents, I've studied their matches and have most likely seen as many as I can, so it would be great to work and learn from them.

If you can name 3 wrestlers who influence your style, who would they be?

Alex Shane, Doug Williams & Joel Redman

For those unaware who you are, how would you describe your style and character?

I used to be part of a tag team called Pretty Marvellous where I would tag up with my brother Mark Walsh, we would be that creepy sexy team and we had a real good run. As the years have passed I have been that character here and there but I feel that, as a Head Coach at my academy, I have matured to more of a technician and an opponent with a lot of experience, so my name has become known throughout. Very rare that I now turn to a character gimmick.

If my sources are correct, you only currently work in Devon.  If given the opportunity, would you be interested in working in Cornwall or Somerset and beyond at all, and where?


They are incorrect, I'm afraid.  I have worked all across the UK in my time, I choose not to now because I run multiple businesses, I like to be around my partner and also want the time to spend with my 3 children.  I spent 2 years of not seeing my son grow up when he was first born and you can never get that back, so working more locally and making success from that was a no brainer.  I will work the odd show here and there but my schedule in life is very busy, when I do something, its only if I have time, or its worth my time.

(Well it looks like I'll have to do more digging for future interviews!!!)

I'd like to discuss LEP/Torquay Wrestling.

You're the owner of Torquay Wrestling (LEP Wrestling in Torquay, Devon).  How do you manage to run the promotion and wrestle on the same days?

It's taken some time to adjust doing both, I've always been backstage wrestling and then helping at some capacity, I like to keep busy and help out others, or I just get bored. But when running a promotion you need to make sure that EVERYONE knows what they are doing, and even looking after them. We are all performers and people forget that we are just human and can go through a ton of emotions. I've learned that to  wrestle and run a show, you need those people who can help you when you need to transition from owner to worker, luckily I have a decent amount of people who are willing and experienced to assist me when the time comes.

There seemed to have been a lot going on in Torquay Wrestling with regard to the former faction, Dead Man's Hand.  They wanted to infiltrate and take over your company, but have since moved on.  Can you tell us who they are and what happened?

Dead Mans Hand started as a rogue unit of wrestlers who were looking to take over and make a name for themselves. The numbers of the faction grew larger and at one point felt like an army. It ended up being Joe Obrey (from referee to GM), The British Enforcers Scott Johns & Jago, Draven, Ruth Jackson, Blake Harrison & finally my brother Mark Walsh. I was even linked with the group at one point, but in the end they looked to plant seeds into the company and take it from within.

What was your reaction when Mr Obrey, your General Manager, turned his back on you all and joined the Dead Man's Hand faction?

At first I had 10 seconds of shock, but when those in attendance continued to be in shock, reality set in and it really didn't surprise me anymore. This business is worse than your average soap opera, wrestlers are always looking for ways to claw there way to the top. This was no different, Joe managed to pull strings and work his way to the top of the ladder. Like all people, we look for power, he had that with Dead Mans Hand, and then he wanted that feeling with LEP.

"The Reject" Blake Harrison and "Ruthless" Ruth Jackson both have done interviews with us and they claim that Dead Man's Hand will takeover wrestling whether we like it or not.  What do you have to say about that?

Dead Mans Hand can certainly be a potential threat wherever they roam. Seems all you need to do is find a black hoodie, some unwashed jeans and put a black mask on and come out to some creepy Johnny Cash song to be a member. So if they are looking to take over wrestling, recruitment wise should be very easy.

Do you see Dead Man's Hand as a saviour for pro wrestling or a poison/cancer?  And do you think, if given the chance, they'll infiltrate other companies?

I can't see how they could become the saviour of pro wrestling, there ideals is to take over a company and to run it with all members on top. But from a business point of view I don't think many would come rushing to see them when buying tickets. I also think poison and cancer isn't the term we should be using, I think they are like a spot full of puss on a hairy arse. It needs removing but should always take care, don't want to spread infection.

When are the next LEP/Torquay Wrestling shows and what can we expect?

We have a lot of shows coming up, we normally run every 2-3 months, instead of listing them, I'd advise checking out our Social Media and Website [links below].

Any other dates/future appearances of yourself that you'd like to plug?

No, instead, what I'll plug is this - go support your local promotions, even if you have to make a drive for an extra hour, your support goes a long way. Also don't crap on wrestling if you like it, if you don't like something you see then message the promoter directly or at least refrain from burying the product. It only takes one person to see it and then it can be passed on, especially from social media these days. Attend shows and make lots of noise, get involved, you're only there for a few hours, as performers we feed off that, if you don't react whats the point of being there.

Anything else you'd like to add / give thanks to anyone / shout out to any companies / people?

For those looking to train as a pro wrestler - I run a full time wrestling academy in Torquay Devon, we teach juniors and adults, we run one to one tuition and group classes. We teach all shapes and sizes and also anyone with any sort of difficulties in life, just drop us a message and we are more than happy to help.


I'd like to shout out and thank all my mentors:
The UK Kid - VPW - Thank you for giving me the break when no one else ever would, I got to meet and learn from some of the very best, and you gave me that foot in the door, to now be able to run a business full time.


Dave Sharp, JD Knight & The Saint - 4FW - Thank you for making me feel like part of the family, some of my best knowledge came from such an amazing and professional school. To see how all of you have grown truly makes me humble to have learned my craft from you all.

The UK Dominator - DWA - Without my Wrestling Dad, I would never have become a polished wrestler. Dom would sit down and break everything down, he would watch my matches and then add advice which I would always eat up and get better. I have also learned many life lessons being around my second Dad and without him I truly dont think I would be the man I am today. Wrestling lost a lot of experienced wrestlers many years ago with no one to guide, I am truly lucky and humble to have had and still to this day my trainers wealth of experience. Thank you Dom, I owe my career to you.

Joel Redman - DWA - Joel was like my older brother figure although I am older than him, he gave me countless opportunites and shared the road and ring with him across the country, he has looked after me throughout my career and I have idolised him and tried to base myself around him. He took me under his wing when he didn't have to and I am forever grateful and in his debt for giving me the life I wanted to live.

Leanne Taylor - My partner - Finding you was everything I have ever wanted, I love you more and more everyday and you always show me a path I should go down. Without you, I truly don't think I would have achieved the success I have had in the last few years. You truly are my soul mate and everyday I think of you, I always remember the first time I met you and the feeling I had for you then, I never knew what love truly was until I met you. Love you xxx

James, Carly-Marie & Holly - My 3 children - Daddy loves you all very much, Im so proud of you all and miss you everyday I don't see you. I work hard everyday hoping that one day I can build a future for you all. Always remember when times are tough, you can always count on me. Love you all xxx

To My Wrestling Peers - My DWA family who I trained with and spent hours on the road and shows, to all those who have given me the time to learn from and to those I have shared the ring with, thank you for putting your body on the line. Thank you to all the promoters who gave me the chance to work on my craft.

To My LEP Wrestling family & fans - Truly a special kind of love, from all of those who I have trained, from former to current, to juniors to adults, to the mums and dads who bring the students, to all those who continue to watch our shows and support us, thank you so much, without you all I would not be able to live my dream job.

Mark Walsh - My Brother - Thank you for sharing the same life as me, your my best friend and also one amazing talent, you are always there for me and truly a great wrestler.

Finally - Myself - Yes might sound arrogant but hear me out, I would like to thank myself for sticking to something and doing something that I love. For chasing that dream when all said it was impossible and stupid. For all the work I put inside and outside the wrestling ring, I truly know that I am doing what I was put on this planet for, and even when times get tough, I know I'm always where I want to be.

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