Hi Everyone! I'm Eddy Marston, a French pro wrestler since July 2016, I was trained by School of AYA Catch, by Stephane Nogues, Robin Lekime, Louis Napoleon, Clement Petiot and David Starr, I'm the current AYA Catch champion since last October

What made you want to become a professional wrestler, has it lived up to your expectations? And if not, why?

I wanted to be a pro wrestler because when I was young, me and my family watched at WWE program and saw Los Guerreros, I became a big fan of Eddie.

In 2008, wrestling explodes in France, so I watched again. I saw new superstars and learned about the passing of Eddie Guerrero, I was 12 or something like that, and I told myself “Why not me?” So, in 2011, I began my training in a bad school, so I stopped.


And in 2014, I went to AYA Catch School, and it was fucking awesome, lots of guys with passion who became my friends, wrestling is not easy, I have to take lot of time for this, but I fucking love it.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration for being a wrestler and how do you cope with your everyday life in regard to training, travelling and performing in front of crowds?


My inspiration is AJ Styles, the guy is good in the ring and a great guy. I'm also really inspired by Louis Napoleon, one of my trainers, he's fucking charismatic. He gave me a lot of tips for my career.


I don't do a lot of shows, but when I do, I'm always happy to travel and meet new people and see new crowds.

When wrestling for a show that will air or is being recorded, do you feel like there is more pressure placed on you? Or do you blank out the cameras and focus on your art?


When I have to wrestle I'm always a little stressed [whether the] match would be great or bad, or other little questions like that. When I enter into the ring, I'm always focused on my match, I have to give the best of myself, I think lot of wrestlers are like me, but I would like to be more relaxed!

There are many different styles of wrestling. Which category do you believe your style fits into? And who had the biggest influence into it?


I think I'm multipurpose. I can do moves like suplexes or slams, but I can also jump from the ropes or do technician counters, It depends of my opponents. In my opinion, wrestlers have to be multipurpose, it's better for adapt to your different opponents.

A common question asked in interviews is who is your dream opponent. I am very interested in who you in particular would like to face. Who is one well known opponent that you would wish to face from any generation?


If I have to choose someone in every generation, I choose Eddie Guerrero, because he was a fucking good wrestler with a strong gimmick, I'm sad this match will never happen.  If I have to choose someone always active, I choose Louis Napoleon, he's one of my mentor, and my friends who faced him have only good memories of these matches.


In your opinion, how important are managers in professional wrestling? Back in the day we witnessed countless great managers but nowadays the art unfortunately seems to have almost vanished.


In my opinion, a manager can be important for some wrestlers with gap, it can also be good for wrestlers in general, because a heel manager can help his wrestler to cheat, and a face manager can be a target for the heel for cheating. But in general, managers are here for giving momentum for wrestlers, in example, crowds fucking hate heel manager because he's a coward.

In last October, I manage Louis Napoleon in his match against WWE Cruiserweight Classic participant Clement Petiot, I help him a lot of time to cheat and it was a very good experience.


You are from France if my memory serves me right - you said you are French - what's it like wrestling in France and have you ever wrestled in the UK or America?

My dream in wrestling is to travel the world and see new wrestling styles, I would like to wrestle in the UK or America.

I'm from France that's right, in France, wrestling is not very popular, fans are not really receptive to French wrestling, they prefer to travel 6 hours for a WWE show rather than see a French wrestling show at 1 car-hour journey.

I don't like this, because French wrestling shows are usually really good.


Is there anyone you have faced that we may know, such as a mainstream name?

The only famous wrestler I step in a ring with was Clement Petiot, unfortunately I only was his opponent's manager.

I also face a lot of time Gareth Logan, this name is not very famous for the moment, but in couples of years, he could be.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is training, or due to start training, to be a professional wrestler?

Wrestling is not always easy, it takes time, it hurts ... But when you want, you can.

Give everything you can give, go to the gym, and listen to all the tips than the professional can give you.

Be patient, it will takes time for you to become a known wrestler, but if you always give everything you have, it will be easier.

Just do it.

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