I'm a masked wrestler who made his start in Finland but has since moved to England. I had my first match all the way back in 2008 and since then I've worked for numerous different promotions in six different countries all together. Most often you can see me wrestling in the UK for Allstars Promotions. As of time of writing I'm currently not holding any championships.

What is your day to day routine and does it affect any other parts of your life with family/friends?

My day to day routine varies, but every day I'm either wrestling on shows, training at the gym, improving my in-ring skills in a wrestling school and preparing for upcoming wrestling days by prepping meals, sorting my outfits, doing laundry and so on. I believe in hard work so I don't stop until I'm the best I can be. Everybody who I affiliate with are somehow involved in wrestling so they know what kind of dedication the job requires, so even though I might not be going out with them on a weekend because I've got a show on the other side of the country, they understand and respect the priorities I have.

You are now living in the UK. What's it been like for you working here, do the crowds differ at all from where you're from?

The differences are massive, you can tell wrestling has been around in UK for a hundred years as opposed to just over ten years like in Finland. I love working here, sure moving to different country is tough but I don't regret it. The biggest difference is the quantity and quality of shows, there's pretty much shows in every town every weekend, full of talented wrestlers, in Finland it used to be one show maybe every two three months always with the same home grown crew with a few possible exports. The crowds do differ in the UK; you can get a different type of audience every night ranging from kids and families to hardcore wrestling fans. I might do 7 shows in 7 days and every night go in front of an audience that has never seen me live. It's a big business here, in Finland it was pretty much the same old regulars with a new face here and there. The average Finnish person is quiet by nature so the audiences were less rabid as they can get here in England, but I like it. My favourite type of audience is one full of kids totally focused on cheering on the favourite to victory.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

The list of my inspirations is too big to write down. When I was a kid I saw superstars on TV and I wanted to be like them and even today I get to meet some amazing people that make me think "Wow, I wish I was like him". If I must name a few, the obvious one is Rey Mysterio. He's one of the first wrestlers I clearly remember seeing on TV and he sparked my fascination towards masked wrestlers. I remember the first time I saw classic British wrestling, it was Johnny Saint and Mike "Flash" Jordan who left me in awe on how smooth they were in the human game of chess. I feel inspired every time I get to see my friend Dean Allmark, he's so versatile and full of positivity it's amazing. The list just goes on and on and on.

When wrestling for a show that will air or is being recorded, do you feel like there is more pressure placed on you? Or do you blank out the cameras and focus on your art?

I want to say cameras don't affect me but by some kind of weird Murphy's law, if I wrestle a guy 3 times, the one time it gets filmed it's the worst match of the trifecta. I don't think about cameras when I wrestle, I acknowledge if they are on but I don't go in focusing on the cameras.

There are many different styles of wrestling. Which category do you believe your style fits into? And who had the biggest influence into it?

I wish to master all wrestling styles, I wouldn't know how to categorise myself. I constantly try to change my move set so I can evolve and adapt whenever needed, one never stops learning wrestling. At this time I'm more focused on a combination of hold-for-hold wrestling with classic British techniques combined with aerial more body-weight utilising attacks. I feel it suits me most, but if necessary I can throw strikes or simply go on the mat for submissions. A legendary British wrestler called "Gypsy" John Kenny has taught me a lot and has helped me form my style, so he's definitely an influence. Another one who has taught me is Marty Jones who again has helped me create my style. But I've also studied and drawn inspiration from guys like "Kung Fu" Eddie Hamill, Shawn Michaels, the original Tiger Mask, Eddie Guerrero and so many more. I've always been a fan of the slightly smaller guys who can move fast if need be but also have a solid wrestling base.

A common question asked in interviews is who is your dream opponent. I am very interested in who you in particular would like to face. Who is one well known opponent that you would wish to face from any generation?

​Again, there are so many I'd like to wrestle. First one that pops into my head is my trainer John Kenny, he's been around for ages and has hung up his boots but he's been so influential to me, being able to wrestle a match against him would be something special. If it had to be well known, I'd say probably Rey Mysterio as when I saw him wrestle as a kid he made me get so hooked on wrestling that it made me decide to pursue a career in wrestling.

In your opinion, how important are managers and referees in professional wrestling? Back in the day we witnessed countless greats but nowadays the art of management and respected referees unfortunately seem to have almost vanished.

A good referee can save a match and a bad one can ruin a match, that's my opinion. Referees are an unsung hero in our job. Wrestling has changed since the golden days of managers, but I still feel there's a time and a place for a good manager. 

Is there anyone you have faced that we may know, such as a mainstream name? And how was that for you?

My first big name that I wrestled was Sami Zayn in Finland years ago, he's probably the most famous. That was such an eye opening learning experience. I've also been in the ring against Juice Robinson, who's making wave in Japan now, I'll always remember him as I don't think I've ever shared the spotlight with a wrestler who is that ridiculously charismatic. The latest mainstream name I've wrestled is James Drake of WWE UK fame, I can't say enough good things about him, it's always a pleasure to fight such a intense and hard hitting opponent.

Who would you like to face off against or what promotion would you love to wrestle in?

There are probably more guys I'd like to wrestle than there are owls in England. You can only get better by wrestling guys who are better than you, as the saying, and there are plenty of wrestlers out there from whom I could learn from. And there are plenty of guys who I think are good wrestlers and wrestle in a style that could mix up well with mine and together we could have a real barn burner. I'd like to wrestle anywhere and everywhere, but as far as promotions go I, just like many others, would love to get a chance to wrestle in the WWE or have a go at the big promotions in Japan and Mexico.

Now you've been working in the UK do you ever see yourself involved in the more common UK promotions such as ICW, Progress, WCPW etc?

I'm already involved with UKs longest running promotion, Allstar wrestling but promotions like Progress, WCPW etc. have been creating a buzz around them so yes, I'd love to work for them given the opportunity and expose myself to new audiencebase. That's what I love about the UK scene there are so many great promotions here all with their own unique brand. You never know what's going to happen in wrestling, so never say never, who knows maybe I'll have chance to showcase my skills in these new big promotions.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me and thanks to all the readers for taking the time to hear my story. You can follow me on social media and I also have an online store with plenty of cool merchandise. I keep posting on social media wherever I'll be appearing but do give a follow to Allstars Wrestling as well as First Class Wrestling, those to promotions have helped me become who I am. For training, a shoutout to John Kenny in the Infinite Promotions Gym as well as Marty Jones & Squared Circle Academy, also to British School of Wrestling down in Leicester. If you read this article and didn't recognise any of the names mentioned, go look them up there's plenty of great wrestling to be seen. Thanks again and hopefully I'll see you in a show soon, come say hi!

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