Gemma Cross is an American pro wrestler from North Jersey.  You may know her from the viral clip of her match with James Ellsworth where she received a Piledriver on a washer (washing machine).

Hello all, thank you for taking the time to get to know me. My name is Gemma Cross & I am from Rahway, NJ (North Jersey) but currently reside in South Jersey. I have worked mainly in the Northeast for various companies such as WrestlePro, ECWA, Rogue Woman Warriors, Phoenix Pro (current woman’s champion), Adrenaline Championship Wrestling, Female In Ring Entertainment, The Dynasty, Woman of Warriors, etc.

How long have you been wrestling?

I have been wrestling since 2015, so about 3 years now.

Where did you train / who were your trainers?

I was trained at WrestlePro by people such as Pat Buck, Dan Maff, Mario Bokara, & Craven Varro.

What would you consider the hardest part about being professional female athlete in a male dominated sport?

I would say the hardest part about being a woman in a male dominant sport is the time/opportunity to showcase what you can do on any given card. Thankfully now, we are in a time of wrestling where woman have so much more opportunity than ever before. The #womensrevolution truly changed the game for all the up & coming ladies out here!

What are some of your favourite career highlights?

I would say winning the Phoenix Pro La Femme championship. I won it back in September 2017 and am currently still the champion and proudly defend it every month.  Getting feedback from Tommy Dreamer after a match. Working on shows with top talent in general.. it is super motivating! And last but not least, being able to travel, network, and make a name for myself MY way. Wrestling has been pretty cool so far!

Which female wrestlers would you say influence you to become a wrestler?

To be honest, the men were just as inspirational to me as the women. I was inspired by wrestling as a whole.

What do you think of the current state of women’s wrestling?

I think it is AWESOME!!! It is hot, it is live, and it is full of amazing talented ladies.

How does it make you feel when people discriminate women’s wrestling and what should be done about it?

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet” – Mohadesa Najumi.  Can’t let the words or opinions of a few people bring us down, because obviously it’s not working. Maybe they’ll change their mind, maybe not. Either way, those who discriminate women’s wrestling need to grow up or get over it because we aren’t going anywhere.

Do you believe women can, let's say, one day main event a show like WWE's Wrestlemania?

YES! YES! YES! I believe it is going to happen sooner than later for sure, especially with the talent they have on the current roster


You recently had a video go viral, all over social media, receiving a piledriver on a washer (washing machine) via James Ellsworth. Some people have seen it and bashed you as a performer, some have praised that it was safely done to avoid injury, some say it was the funniest thing they’ve ever seen. What can you tell us about that footage (below)?

Ah, the notorious “girl gets a piledriver on the washing machine video”.  So pretty much I had a match with James Ellsworth for an internet wrestling show called Grim’s Toy Show. It is more of a fun, comedy wrestling show. We had a match for the World Intergender Champinship. The match started indoors, then obviously as most of you seen, we then brawled outside. That is how it brings us to how I ended up receiving a piledriver on the washing machine. For the haters who want to talk crap about a 10 second clip they saw is pretty amazing because it doesn’t bother me at all. I applaud James for keeping me safe during the match. It served its purpose for the show and that’s all that matters. NEXT!

Have you wrestled outside the US at all? If so, where? If not, where would you like to go?

No, I have not. I would like to go all over the world.  Where ever the people want me. I will be there.

What is your opinion on the growing revolution of women’s wrestling promotions?

I think it’s amazing that there are more and more promoters who are specifically running an all woman’s promotion now days. It’s giving the hard working women on the indies more opportunities, time, & platforms to show off their talent.. as compared to being on a card where there is only 1 woman’s match and the promoter gives the match 5 minutes. It has definitely happened before. It’s refreshing to see how many of these promotions came about in the last few years since the revolution. Definitely a positive sight to see if you’re a woman in this business.

What do you think of inter-gender matches? Some people say it hurts the business, others don’t mind it or like the idea.

Wrestling is like ice cream. The flavor of ice cream I like might not be the flavor of ice cream you like. I personally love inter-gender matches and have been involved in a few matches myself.  I must tell you… they were SO much fun! It is a great experience and I believe it is a positive and empowering to hang with the guys.

We have companies across the world, and more companies are promoting women’s wrestling by developing new championships. Have you held any championships or going for any championships any time soon?


I have held 2 championships:
1) WDWA Woman’s Championship (August 2017 – December 2017) 
2) La Femme Phoenix Pro Championship (Currently holding since Sept 2017)


I am not going for any titles at the moment, but I’m always looking to carry more gold! (; 


UK fans don’t get to see a lot of Indy women’s wrestling (from outside the UK), so my question is who do you think is going to be a big name in the future?


There are SO many talented ladies!!!! If I had to pick 1 name, I would say Jordynne Grace for sure. She is already making waves and she keeps it going.


What would you say to a promoter or fan who wants to check you out?


I would tell them to check out my matches on YouTube, check out my promo shots, and give me a chance to show you why I have something special to bring to the table.

Have you got any future dates/projects or anything else that you want to plug?

Here is my upcoming schedule for the next couple of months:

6/3 – James Ellsworth presents: Female In Ring Entertainment – Easton, MD
6/10 – Fury Pro – Rockville, MD
6/22 – Rogue Woman Warriors – Reading, PA
6/30 – Phoenix Pro – Altoona, PA
7/14 – Rogue Woman Warriors – Reading, PA
7/14 – Phoenix Pro – Altoona, PA
7/28 –TBA 

One last question. What’s next for you? Where are you going / what are your plans?

I have no big plans at the moment, but that doesn’t mean opportunities won’t present themselves in the meantime. Obviously, I want to make it in the near future but right now I am happy keeping busy & dedicating myself to few promotions/storylines. Timing is everything. I believe in fate. 

Are there any people or organisations you’d like to give a special thank you / shout out to?

Thank you to ALL the promoters, talent, and fans who believe me in me, who support me, & who show me why I continue to do what I do. It means the world! I WILL make you all proud someday.


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