Thanks for taking your time out of your schedule to do this interview with us, how are you doing?


Dandy mate.


First of all, please tell us a little about yourself,


My name is Hustle Malone. Originally the corrupt Motivational Speaker of MAD (Motivated and Dangerous), I've been called The King of Control, The Conversation, The L.E.D Nightmare and now, I'm your Ultimate Sacrifice and NBWA Champions. Also great at Wii Bowling.


Where did you train to become a wrestler?


I trained originally under Gene Munny and Joey Ozbourne at The HOPE MK Academy, then for a while under Eddie Dennis at Sacrifice.


Do you remember your first match?


Like a lot of guys, I had my first outing in a Rumble, but my first match itself was a Four Way for HOPE against Drew Parker, Jay Garner and Ashley Dunn. I won with the Khalas. I'd really like that on record.


What is your opinion on the current progression of British wrestling?

What could I say that hasn't been already? This scene is getting stronger from the bottom to the top and everything's still all to play for. Guys have stolen the limelight this year through their hard work and effort. As long as the best keep rising to the top we've got nothing to worry about.

Do the current changes within the UK scene affect your outlook on wrestling and/or your future?

Just makes me hungrier. Everything I've done so far, I didn't think I could do, and definitely not this fast. I'm hungry enough to not rule anything out right now.

Can we get your opinion on the new contracts that certain talent have received?

I'm extremely happy for the hard-working talent that achieved such a great accomplishment. Everyone gets replaced in wrestling, guys move up all the time. We just all watched it happen this time.

On your t-shirt merchandise, you have “The LED Nightmare” on it.  Which brings me to your mask.

What was the inspiration behind wearing a mask to the ring?

Pro Wrestling is an all-in game. We work to be the best all-rounder we can be. To me if I can tear the house down before I've even hit a move that can only be a good thing.

Why do you wear the mask?


The mask, along with the smoke bottle I use in my entrance, came into play first in HOPE Wrestling, where I was kicked out of Team MAD. I started MAD, so losing the gear, the logos, the tights etc all in one go and having to start afresh was an exciting opportunity to reinvent. The reaction when I slid into the ring and five people all ran to get out on that first night, electric.


Is it at all difficult to breathe in or see?

I've been wrestling with one eye for the last year. I strive on the difficulty.

You’ve been called “the Motivational Merc with the Mouth”.

What does that mean?

It's been forgotten by most, but I used to be a real-life Motivational Speaker. I spoke in Schools and Colleges across the country, and it's where the "Motivated" in "Motivated and Dangerous" came from.

Who came up with the slogan?


"The Mouth", I made my name by cutting promos before I could work. I hit everyone from Jimmy Havoc, RJ Singh, Scott Hall, El Ligero and more. If you can find someone who knows their way round a microphone like me, send them my way - I want them next.


On one of your recent promo videos, you stood against a wall of posters, is that all the shows you’ve been on over your 3 year venture?


Not at all, just some favourites. I've had probably about 150 matches by now, across HOPE, Sacrifice Pro, SWA, NBWA, ACW, WIN, Wrestle Island and more.


I gotta say, the POV match you had was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen while researching for your interview, who came up with this genius idea?


Thank you haha. I do a Talk Show called "Under The Ring" where I interview guys literally under the ring. I have a little Cactus and some Incense sticks and mugs just like a real talk show, but the ring was late that day, so we just improvised.


You are to make your debut at the Wrestling in Hinkley show, in April.  Do you know who you’re facing?


Hinkley's a place I've wanted to come to for a while. I don't know who stands in front of me but when you see the treatment they gave me on the poster, for their biggest show of the year, you can see I'm ready to take off the biggest heads they've got.


Are there any other shows this year where you’re set to make your debut?


Yep, but shhhhh.


I know you’re a regular at HOPE Wrestling, but where else are you a regular for?


So I've been at HOPE since my Debut, was undefeated for 442 Days and had the honour of holding HOPE's Championship. After what happened on the last show of the year, I've guaranteed my spot in the Main Event of the 6th Anniversary. That's not till August, so there's a long time between now and then.


At Sacrifice Pro I'm the current Ultimate Sacrifice Champion and have been on a Defence Tour of the UK.


At NBWA I cashed in my Briefcase to become New Breed Heavyweight Champion on their biggest show of the year. I defend on January 26th in 3 Stages of Hell.


ACW I hold the current "Cash-In" Briefcase. SWA I lead Connors and Black, one of The UK's Finest Tag Teams to Glory. I also appear at HOPE FUTR, Wrestle Island, WIN Wrestling and more.


You’ve recently faced NXT UK’s Eddie Dennis.  He’s a bit of a tough bastard, what was your goal to win that match?


Eddie trained me for a long while, and was my first defence of the HOPE Championship, but he'd come so far in such a short time and I wanted to show him I had too.


I retained The Ultimate Sacrifice Championship like I said I would. Eddie's incredibly talented, and tough as hell, but this Title Tour ain't over yet.


Who would be your big dream match be against?


UK Based, Chris Brookes. Internationally, Pentagon Jr.


Who is your biggest inspiration within the wrestling industry?


Pastor William Eaver was one, and someone Me and Friends followed on his route to the Progress Title, to meeting and working with him, to then having at Sacrifice.


Gene really showed us the way when we first started, taught us the things other Coaches would forget, and really gave his time and effort into every one of his Students.


Recently, you were a guest on BBC Radio, discussing the February Sacrifice Pro show.  So I have a couple of questions in relation to that.

All proceeds are to go to the homeless.  That’s a very humble thing to do. What made you choose to donate the proceeds to the homeless?


Sacrifice Pro has been running for nearly two years, and every show we do is for a different Charity. We have workers coming from all over the country to raise funds for Stonewall, Circa UK, Dogs 4 Good, Autism Bedfordshire and more.


We've noticed a sudden surge in Homeless in Leighton recently (being from there myself) and we wanted help these guys get warm during the winter, so we contacted the Shelter and got moving.


Our Show is on February 10th in Leighton Buzzard (just 35min from London Euston), and features Me defending The Ultimate Sacrifice Championship, The Unbreakables defending their Tag Team Titles, Roy Johnson, Ashley Dunn, Brick Lane and more.


You mentioned that you were working shows as a cameraman.  Who advised you to training and have you ever regretted it?


I originally worked in film, and it was an absolute dream to film Pro Wrestling. I used to take my then-girlfriend to Dinner and lose my mind thinking "Wrestling paid for this meal". I used to go to the gym like any normal guy but as I got to know the locker room, "Livewire" Lewis Cooper said "Why don't you just come training?". I never really pondered it, or went for more than "Saying I did it once" but I loved it. My goal was only ever to have one match, then to hold one Title, but as you cross goals off your list you just find yourself adding new ones. Now, I'm not going anywhere.


Where can your fans see you in 2019?


At any of the promotions listed above, but more than anywhere on my Facebook page. My Promos ain't just promos, they're EVENTS and I challenge anybody out there to get my views. Wanna' see somebody get their head taken off, "Like" my Facebook page and wait for the swing.


Anything else you'd like to add/say?

Check out Sacrifice Pro Wrestling. They're probably the cheapest promotion in The UK and have some of the most gripping storylines. A Tag Team Tournament that was revealed to crown our first Singles Champion. The Formation of Brick Lane. The place I lost my left eye.


There isn't many opportunities to see something that good, that cheap, and do a great thing for people in need at the same time.


Thank you for your time.  This concludes our interview

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