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First of all, please tell us a little about yourself (how long you've been wrestling, companies you've worked in/career highlights).


I have been training to wrestle for almost 4 years. I was part of the very first class to start at the GPWA. In 2015 I had my first match, and became a regular for GPWA (Now “Wrestling Experience Scotland”) shows in 2016. Since then I have worked for PWE, Source, 5 Star Wrestling, ICW and I am about to debut for Discovery Wrestling. The highlight of my career so far was winning the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational tournament. 

Why did you choose GPWA to train and who directed/influenced you to train there?


I choose GPWA because of the range of techniques the coach staff were able to offer. On the run up to the school opening it was great to hear each coaches announcement at being involved. Combined with their at the time unique induction system I thought it would be the best place to start.


For those unaware who you are, how would you describe your style and character?


I am a technical wrestler. My nickname is “The Bone Collector” thanks to my style of isolating and wearing down a body part. I have won all of my matches by Submission. Some have called me arrogant, but I do nothing but show my superior skills. 


What would you consider the hardest part about being a professional athlete? 


Diet and working out. To be a true professional you need to be constantly working to improve them. 


Who are your favourite wrestlers, and who would be your dream opponent to face?


Minori Suzuki is pretty much the ultimate answer to both. His style has been a huge influence on how I approach each match. Zack Sabre Jr. has also been a huge inspiration coming from the British isles and showing the world how to win with a holds based style. The fact that in the past year then have become a dominant tag-team has been a dream come true.


What is your opinion on the current state of pro wrestling in the UK?  And more personal to you, in Scotland?


It really is incredible how much it has grown in the past few years on both scales. There are now many major independent companies working with WWE and other doing perfectly fine by themselves. You could never have predicted all of the moves that have been made in the last 5 years.


There has been many changes to wrestling within the UK over the past few months, with the relaunch of World of Sport & NXT UK, does this change affect your outlook on wrestling and/or your future?


It definitely seems more attainable than ever before to make a good full time living out of professional wrestling. There are more opportunities and more shows. I am just looking towards getting more matches and making a bigger name for myself.

Companies such as ICW and Source are putting British Wrestling back on the map again.  As someone who’s worked with both companies, this must make you very proud?


It absolutely does. I heard about and got invested in ICW before any other British indy. To eventually be able to make that debut was a huge step for me. 


Who do you feel is the best British wrestler in or from Scotland?


In Scotland I would say BT Gunn or Wolfgang, they can do it all. From Scotland, I think you have to say Drew McIntyre/Galloway. He is by far the most successful and rightfully so. 


What was it like taking on some of the best wrestlers in Britain, while training within GPWA?


It is great. The opportunities provided by GPWA have been incredible. People say that in wrestling you only get out what you put in. I think the matches I have been booked in are great indication of the effort and time I have put in. I am honored to be a representative of the Asylum.


Your debut GPWA match was against ICW and British wrestling icon BT Gunn.  Tell us, how did that go and what experiences you’ve learned since?


As a singles match it was a hell of an experience. (I had my tag debut the month prior teaming with Lionheart to defeat Kyle Khaos and Austin Osiris) The chops are as hard and evil as they sound. I let my inexperience get the best of me and went for a risky piledriver, it was reversed and I was pinned with the Cradle Back-to-Belly Piledriver.


You made your ICW debut at the Drunk and Drunker event, sadly losing to Aaron Echo.  When are you back in ICW and what are your intentions in there?

I am unsure about my next appearance there. Echo used his size and strength exceptionally well against me. His height neutralised a lot of my submission game since he can reach ropes a lot easier than most. Next time I face him or face anyone in ICW I will not make those mistakes again.


You are the winner of the first ever Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament.  What does the tournament, and more importantly the victory, mean to you?


It has a huge vindication. The tournament is a great idea, letting all the wrestlers that took part a chance to reveal themselves to a larger audience. My career has only been proof that it has worked. Within a few months I have been able to debut in both ICW and Discovery Wrestling. The victory itself will remain in my greatest moments for a long time to come. 


Post tournament victory, you claimed Damien was your toughest opponent to date.  Is this still true or have you come across a tougher opponent since?


He was a very tough opponent. The situation of it being both our 3rd matches of the night heightened it. I don't think I have ever been more tired and emotionally and mentally drained by wrestling than that night. I would love to face Damien again and have us both be fully fresh. I do wonder that the outcome would have been.


Any other dates/future appearances of yourself that you'd like to plug?


My next match is a big one. I debut for Discovery Wrestling on Sept. 2nd at the Jam House in Edinburgh against Liam Thomson. It is a first round match in their Hotter than Hell tournament.

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