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Jason King is a British pro wrestler.  Mostly known from PWA, CPW, DWA, LEP and Reach in Devon and Cornwall.

Thanks for coming back to PWW for an interview, seems to be a reoccurring thing for us both as this’ll be the 4th interview we’ve done with you (original video in PWA, King’s Court in Bodmin, REACH interview and now this written one).

How have you been since we last interviewed you and Grayson?

I'm tickedy boo mate, thank you for asking. Life's good.

At our King’s Court interview you mentioned that you trained with the UK Kid in Portsmouth when you were 21.  Can you tell us your experience there?

Training in Portsmouth was a cross between Heaven and Hell 😂 

Essentially I was paying £270.00 a month to get my ass kicked! Hell.. but conversely I was building the foundations  to prepare me to grow in all aspects of life. Once I'd started wrestling training I realised I could do just about anything I set my mind to. I'm so very grateful for my trials and tribulations in VPW. I'd like to go back one day before I retire just to show my full potential to my first coach.

You are one of the most over wrestlers in the South West and the UK, whether portraying a face or heel, loved or hated, you get a reaction.  Can you tell us how that makes you feel when you walk out in front of the crowd, and do you have any plans to wrestle outside of the UK, or more up North than just Devon and Cornwall?

There is no better feeling that I personally have ever felt (outside of the bedroom). There's something about the connection we make! I give my 100% every single time and I think the people recognise this. With regards to where I wrestle, I love Devon and Cornwall as I can leave a show and be home by midnight! That is the dream right there. I've also wrestled in Portsmouth, Norfolk and around the Somerset area. It's not that I don't want to wrestle to far up north it's just I'm The King in the South and I'm happy here. We got the beautiful South on our doorstep why would I go where it's freezing?

You recently beat Joel Redman, who is a former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion.  Some claim he's the best wrestler in Devon, but now you've beaten him, does that make you the best and why?

I'm the Best Man... that is more than just a catchy slogan, it is a lifestyle I live! I work hard to make sure I'm the best me I can be, you understand? I've got 4 jobs and was doing weight lifting, yoga, gymnastics and now BJJ all at once. I'm forever trying to better me whilst I still can. Joel is the most successful in our counties history but I'm the Best Man.

At CPW, on the 10th of February, you returned after your injury. Although unsuccessful, you looked to be better than ever, what was the inspiration behind getting fit again for the ring?

I nearly quit altogether! Haha. I think I knew deep down that I had unfinished business and although a couple losses followed I've bounced back and made it right at DWA.

You were LEP [Torquay Wrestling] Academy Champion for more than 1 year, you recently said you were no longer on good terms with them, can you explain in further detail why that is?

Well I'm glad you asked actually because we've stopped squabbling and we're okay. The way I acted was unlike me, I was very bitter when I hurt my neck I was lashing out and Torquay was one of the people I blamed. Truth is Torquay is and always will be very close to my heart. I've nothing but respect and admiration for the class of 2016 that I was part of! You had [Jason] King, [Grayson] Reeves, [Adam] Flint, Maximo [Jr.].. come on a murderers row of talent at the time!


I think with Torquay I've got unfinished business that I need to clear up in that ring. One question, if and when I return, who they gonna blame when I'm at number 1 on that billboard again?!

Speaking of championships, you were the last PWA Tag Team Champion along with Adam Flint, what other championships have you held and are more in your sight?

I was indeed, 360 plus days, we really did feel as though we were Devon and Cornwall best too. The one team we needed to beat were Winners and Sinners. Those guys had the DWA tag titles and had 1 up on us. Lets hope we get that rematch someday. Championships I've won are Haven championship, PWA tag championship and the LEP Academy title. I always look at other championships, that's always a goal!

They say best friends have the best matches.  On that note, could we ever see the dream-match of Jason King vs Adam Flint?

Me vs Flint...... never say never. But EXTREMELY unlikely, we're best friends, brothers even. You don't fight against your family you fight with them

How about Jason King vs PJ Jones for the CPW Heavyweight title or Jason King vs Grayson Reeves for 100% control of REACH?

PJ Jones, I like as a performer and a person, we've crossed paths briefly on previous occasions but we'll see what the future holds. Grayson is also my brother, come on, we don't fight our family.

You are set to take on The Muscle Cat, Saxton Huxley at CPW on the 28th April.  Is the first time you've faced each other and what do you have to say about him?

It is the first time yes. Ummm, he has a great look and has been very successful so far but I think like most guys I compete with he's not going to know what hit him until we're in there and then the whole Jason King experience begins.

8th July, REACH Wrestling brings the action back to Plymouth, King's Court Country; you have issued an open challenge.  If you could hand pick your opponent, who would it be and why?

Great question, I'd say Doug Williams is the one I'd like to compete with most before he retires.

Do you have any funny road trip stories you wish to tell?

Wow road trip stories? Okay try this... We are in a bar in Philly [Philadelphia, USA] and Grays [Grayson Reeves] is continuously being stopped for pictures, people are offering to buy him drinks and complimenting him. Thing is, we have no idea why! Suddenly someone says 'hey Chris great match' (they thought he was Chris Hero [WWE NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno]). Rather than say 'that's not me' he continues for 30 minutes of photos and compliments from fans about how great his NXT Takeover match was! He's an asshole as I had to stand by and watch this!

Not too long now until REACH (July 8th 2018).  How is that coming along with ticket sales and venue arrangements that you were sorting?

Very well thank you.  [As of this interview] 65% of tickets sold already [2 weeks pre-show the event sold out 100%]. Please get in touch to purchase sooner rather than later.

If you could give one quote (or a final thoughts moment), to give to your fans, what would it be and what is the meaning behind the quote?

My quote is 'EMBRACE the GRIND' this is a quote from amateur wrestling that struck a chord with me when I heard it. It allows me to dig deeper than the rest and allows me to find my inner strength at even the darkest times. I say to anyone reading this 'the time of greed is passing. Hold on. What is bad today will be better tomorrow. Whilst there is air in your lungs PLEASE do not give up. You are powerful beyond belief. Find what you love and shoot for the stars. #EmbraceTheGrind.

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