"The Revelator" Jon Obrey is the creator and manager of the stable group in South West England called Dead Man's Hand.


What is your opinion on how pro wrestling in the South West is going, especially in Devon and Cornwall?

South West Wrestling is at an all time high. The South West has produced some of the best names out there like Dick Riley, Eddie Ryan, John Harding etc and seems to continue to produce great talent.

Same question but for the UK as a whole.

What I love about UK wrestling is the fact that it’s finally being recognised and taken seriously all over the world. Top tier talent are finally getting recognition. The UK wrestling scene is booming!

With independent wrestling on the rise, do you think WWE is the place to be?

WWE is and always has been the place to be. Look at it. Its the best product in the world and always will be. In my opinion you haven’t made it until you have been in the WWE.

Can you tell me your thoughts on the now defunct company, Plymouth Wrestling Association (PWA) and how you feel now it has come to an end, knowing that you were there towards the end?

I may have trained at LEP but PWA gave me a chance to referee when I was only 6 weeks in to my refereeing career. It was the first show I had ever been a part of outside of the academy. It was a great place to work and always brought you the best wrestling it had to offer. Very sorely missed.

I'd like to discuss Dead Man's Hand (DMH).

Who are DMH and what is your mission?

How do you not know who Dead Mans Hand are. We are an entity.  A force to be reckoned with. We shroud our enemies in darkness and listen to their screams of pain. We are the most dominant faction the south west will ever see. The mission is simple. Rid South West Wrestling of any and all poison leaving us standing tall.

Some say that you're a cult and just the flavour of the month.  Others say you won't be around long.  What do you have to say about that?

Flavour of the month!? Are you freaking kidding me!? We have been around for 2 years! We have beaten down hero’s, struck fear into the hearts of anyone who would cross our path, and made sure that we were taken seriously.

Why did you turn your back on your fans and come out as the leader of DMH?

The fans!? The fans mean nothing to me. They always used to cheer and laugh whenever I got taken out while refereeing, always making jokes and being disrespectful. So I decided to not care what they thought, to not care about them. They are no more than a piece of crap on the bottom of my boot.

There seems to be a major beef going on between other companies and the rest of DMH.  Do you care to discuss that?

We did a complete takeover of LEP. Everything was ours. But then we started to see the bigger picture. We realised that if we stayed in one place that we would never accomplish anything. So we left. And now the other companies in the South West need to worry that the best faction in the south west is ready to takeover.

People say that you're nothing more than just bullies.  Because you like to use your friends to intimidate and bully people.  Is that what DMH are?

Bullies? Bullies?! We are not bullies we bring down those who think they are better than everyone else, those who have self inflated egos we cut them down to size, we prove that they are nothing. Look at Vinnie Clay, The Mad Dog, The Flea ridden mutt! We beat his ass for 18 months. He’s not the same as he used to be. We cut him down to size! No one is bigger than Dead Mans Hand.

We interviewed Adira and she didn't have anything nice to say about you or DMH.  She said you're all a cancer.  Is there anything you'd like to say back?

Who’s Adira? Oh yeah she’s that welsh chick who couldn’t win the LEP women’s championship. Who had her ass kicked by Ruth Jackson every time they met. I don’t care what she has to say. Next question!

How did you convince the others to join your organisation?

Every single one of my brothers in Dead Mans Hand were trodden on, cast aside, overlooked. Blake Harrison was made to be a joke, Ruth Jackson would barely have matches, Jago would always be in Vinnie Clay's shadow, Scott Johns wasn’t recognised for the great wrestler he is, Draven was cast aside due to his looks, Mark Walsh loves punishment and hated his brother for not making him the main event star that he is! That’s why it was easy for them to join the cause.

Have DMH really taken over?  What's next on your agenda?

The Takeover has already started. Where will we go next? You’ll have to wait and see but I promise you all this. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of us. South West Wrestling you better be afraid of what’s to come. The shadows consume souls. You cannot avoid the darkness anymore. Await the evil, embrace the evil, become the evil.

Anything else you'd like to add / give thanks to anyone / shout out to any companies / people?

Expect the unexpected.


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