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First of all, please tell us a little about yourself including how long you've been wrestling, what companies you've worked in and one's that you currently work in and some of your career highlights.

I’ve worked for a plethora of different companies from a bunch of shindies to bigger promotions. Currently I am a regular at CZW, Capitol Wrestling, Synergy Pro Wrestling, NYWC, and H2O. I’m always trying to expand to fill my schedule.


Where did you train to become a wrestler?
Combat Zone Wrestling Academy under Drew Gulak and DJ Hyde mainly.


For those unaware who you are, how would you describe your style and character?


I guess I could be considered a high flying brawler. I’ve found myself to be a stubborn fighter that doesn’t see size when I probably should. But I seem to hold my own.


What would you consider the hardest part about being a professional athlete?


The traveling, and staying in shape/diet.


With how hot Pro Wrestling is in Europe and Japan, would you take the opportunity to go, if presented?


100% I’ve never had the opportunity so I would love to perform in front of fans in Europe and Japan.


Follow up from the question above, are there any promotions that catch your eye?


RPW, NJPW, WXW; all and any


You made your CZW debut in 2010, and lost your series of matches.  Were these your first major match on a network and how do you feel it went?


Not really. It was my first introduction to a big crowd but I was ever given the time of day nor was I able to really perform.


If there was anything you could tell your past self about how your younger matches went, what would that be?


Ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission.

You’ve been mainly working on the Dojo Wars events.  What’s that been like?


I haven’t in a few months. It was a way to redefine myself and try things in front of a crowd regularly without any stress. I certainly fell back in love with wrestling.


Why do you call deathmatch fans blood marks or fatties?


I call them that because it’s what they are but more specifically it’s regarding all the entitled fans that book the shows that they’re paying to see. It’s my term to all the deathmatch Dave Meltzer wannabes in the world. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 


You are called one of the most controversial wrestlers in CZW and in general, a lot of fans don’t like you, why do you think this is?


Probably because of what I call them in your previous question.


You made your Tournament of Death debut at TOD16, in a fans bring the weapons match, and you also pulled double duty filling out for an injured Devon Moore in the tag team Scaffold match.  How did you feel going into the 2nd match of the night?


I wasn’t feeling much of anything because the urgency of me getting to the ring was more important. I knew I was needed. I was confused of what I needed to do but was willing to do whatever so the match wasn’t a complete dud, and the fans would still enjoy the match. 


How do you prepare for such matches as opposed to a standard match?


I don’t drink before regular matches, but death matches are different and just like talking to a fine lady, a little liquid courage is sometimes needed.... except this requires a little more liquid courage. Enough to numb some of the ridiculous pain I’m anticipating to endure. 

Many people say that your bump that night was the best they’ve seen in years, you had the respect from the deathmatch regulars, until your beef with Shlak began.  Thoughts?


I may have respect from some of the fans, but not always for long. They’re always looking to find a reason to not like me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


As for Shlak, I think he is a truly an unprofessional side show freak. He does have a bit of a cult like following, but I see right through him; through his tattoos, his ugly fat face, all the way into his pea brain. He simply is a waste of human.


You did what fans said was impossible, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the match, you beat Shlak. Fans called you out before the match saying you’d never beat him and you did.  What do you have to say to those fans?

That’s what all those fatties get. They know everything, right?! I’ve called them out for what they truly are. They’re all STILL trying to forget about it, but guess what. That happened, and I’ll shove it down their throats forever.


Some say that your match was a fluke and you cheated in order to survive Shlak.  And that you won’t survive a 2nd round.  Do you care to comment on that?


I have no need for a second round. No rules means there are no rules. Maybe he should have brought a gun. “Guns don’t kill people, Shlak kills people.” Yeah, right.


You have since called out Nick Gage, for possibly a quick funeral arrangement, why and what happened?

Fuck him. His old ass ain’t shit. I’ll leave it at that.

Not so long ago in a Facebook group, you did a live video for fans and a lot of us tried to troll you, we had a blast, did you?


I was asked to do that, and I enjoyed finally being honest to all my fans. And they seem to have a lot to say.... on the other side of the computer screen. Keyboard warriors.

Let's go through some fan requested questions:

Why are you such a shit Big Cass? 

No comment.

Why are you such a good heel?

I don’t know what a heel is.

What are your thoughts on skinny deathmatch fans?

Fast metabolism.... no but it has nothing to do with size... it’s about that fatty brain that they all think they KNOW better than the promoters and wrestlers. Grow a pair and get training first, piggies.

Why do you hate us [hardcore, bloodthirsty deathmatch fans]?

I only hate those that stay behind the computer screen and don’t come to the shows to voice their opinion. Kinda like closet Trump supporters.


Why do you have dickheads message you about deathmatch wrestling?

Cause they don’t have the balls to confront me at shows.


Any other dates/future appearances of yourself that you'd like to plug?

Capitol Wrestling on Sept. 1st
CZW on September 8
H20 on September 14th


Anything else you'd like to add / give thanks to anyone / shout out to any companies / people?

I’d love to continue my crusade if you will into Europe, so shout out to my brother Jimmy Havoc.

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