My name is Lewis and today I will be interviewing British wrestling superstar Liam Slater / Liam Lazarus. Liam is making an impact all over the UK for many top promotions such as WCPW, TIDAL, 3 Count Wrestling and Absolute Wrestling.

Liam can be reached at @Liam_LZRS on Twitter.

Without further ado let's get into the interview!

Being a British wrestler from West Yorkshire how hard was it to find a reliable place to train when breaking into the business?

I wouldn't say it was hard finding a place to train, it's more just finding somewhere. When you're in wrestling, it's everywhere but when you aren't in wrestling it can be very hard to find. For me, it was a case of spotting an advert in Fighting Spirit magazine and going along to it. Before that point, literally the only school I knew that existed in England was All Star based in Liverpool.

Nowadays you're performing up and down the country for many promotions such as WCPW, TIDAL, ThreeCountWrestling and Absolute Wrestling. How hectic does life get for you as you travel all around the country showcasing your talent? 

Not as hectic as El Ligero's life. It can get pretty busy when you've got several shows over a weekend. I think its more just being able to live out of a bag while you're travelling. Preparation is the key to an easy life. Also, there's nothing hectic about travelling up and down the A1. I've seen snails move faster than our car on there. 

We've seen you face many tough opponents around the country such as Rampage Brown, Joseph Conners, Jason Prime and Drake amongst many others. Whom do you believe that you put on your favourite performance with? 

All the wrestlers you've listed there are great opponents, but Rampage Brown is the person that's brought the best out of me. He batters people and I don't mind taking a battering.

Towards the end of last year we witnessed you become Absolute Wrestling's King of the North. I personally am a huge fan of tournaments of all types and believe that they bring a great deal of credibility to the winner. How did it feel to lift the trophy and can we expect more tournament wins in your future?

Winning the King of the North tournament was a great feeling. I love Absolute wrestling so to win that on their very first show was pretty great and I felt like we'd set the standard for what to expect from an Absolute show. I always enjoy tournaments, especially one day tournaments as it's a great test of my ability and cardio. I always welcome the challenge of a tournament.

Recently in WCPW we have witnessed you wrestle as a tag team wrestler. How must a wrestler change their style whilst working with a partner and would you like to see WCPW debut a pair of tag team championships for all the hard workers in the division to strive for?

Something that's lost with tag team wrestling is the team aspect, you've got to be able to find that balance between each others style, which might be finding a common ground or balancing differences. For example, Johnny Moss and myself share a common style in British wrestling, but our differences come from our body shape and size. It's being aware of how to blend them. I'd love for WCPW to have tag team championships, but I'd like to build the division more. Give me and Johnny some more competition.

​Thanks so much to Liam for taking the time out of his day! He really is one of the best wrestlers I've seen on the British scene.

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