The Lion Kid is a British professional wrestler based in Portsmouth.

What made you want to become a professional wrestler?


Watching it on TV gave me the buzz become a professional wrestler


Have you made your debut outside of the UK? If so how do the British crowds compare? And if not, where would you like to go globally?


Yeah I’ve wrestled outside the UK a lot.  I’ve done around 300 shows, a dozen of which are in Europe and Japan.  The crowds at every show in every country are completely different from north to south, and for me [I enjoy] working the audience [and give them] what they want [to] see such as high flying and ground attacks.


In wrestling, you have a bit of everything, strong style, high flying, storytelling and even comedy. What do you believe is the most important factor? Or is it indeed a combination?


Most important thing when I put together a match is what character is me and who my opponent is and I use that as jumping off point of the story we going to tell.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a professional wrestler?


I would advise some who looking to train is to find a reputable training school.  To do that, have look at more than the size of the school, what promotion it is connected to and who the head trainer is, and finally who they have produced.


What are your thoughts on the current state of British wrestling compared to American or Japanese?


British wrestling right now is as big as it’s ever been.  I couldn't be more proud of how the UK scene is right now, along with the talent and so many promotions making huge waves across not just the British scene but the entire wrestling world.


Would you like to say anything to the fans?


I would like say big thank you to fans that come and attend shows and continue support British wrestling.

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