Hello, my name is Lewis and welcome to the eighth BWF interview with one of the most talented wrestlers of the modern generation, (and he's not afraid to tell you that) Lucas Archer!

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@lucasarcheruk Instagram:@lucasarcheruk. Where can you see Lucas next? On WCPW every week! Without further ado, let's talk to this 'Prospect!'

Hello Lucas and thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. We at BWF have been enjoying seeing you and Prospect on WCPW every week. All of you are clearly gifted. What is it that brought the group together? And are you looking to break off into a singles career any time soon?

Hello! You're damn right you're enjoying our work. The name "Prospect" was dealt to us out of ignorance & spite. We banded together through the leadership, and large bank account, of James R Kennedy. We met the day of the first WCPW show and very quickly, myself & Alex Gracie, gravitated to Kennedy. I think we knew straight away that he would thrust us into the limelight. I think Drake felt the same way, having gone out of his way to impress Kennedy. "Prospect" ,if that is our gifted name, won't be breaking off into singles careers any time soon.. Stay tuned! 

With British promotions bringing over talent from all over the world, is there any jealousy in the locker room? And are there any non British teams that you would love the opportunity to face?

To be quite honest, We keep our distance from the WCPW locker rooms. I spend my time with James, Drake & Gracie plotting how, and when, we make our next move. Any and all teams are welcome, I'm sure that "Prospect" are quickly becoming a group that everyone in the wrestling world wants to face.

We've seen the crowd chant some 'interesting' things at you in the past few weeks. Does that motivate you to win even more? Or are the chants sometimes too much? 

They can chant what they chant. It doesn't slow us down, it doesn't take our focus off of what's in front of us. The crowd in Newcastle haven't ever seen a group of wrestlers so talented assembled before there very eyes. Does it surprise you that they have something to say about it? Really?!  

Every path starts somewhere. How old were you when you decided that this was what you wanted from life? And is there anything in particular that spurred it on?

I decided that I wanted to be a wrestler in January 2014. I trained & trained until I debuted in November 2014. Since then, I've set my sights firmly on becoming part of the greatest faction that British Wrestling has ever seen.

We recently witnessed you get suspended from WCPW. Anything you'd like to say to Mr Eric Bischoff regarding this? And when the suspension is over will we be seeing and justice being delivered by yourselves?  

Well, Eric.. If that is his real name. I would like to say that your time spent as General Manager was a total DISASTER. Where there is a will, there is a way. I have no idea when the suspension is over, but I'm in no hurry. Supsended .. With Pay .. Indefinitely. Doesn't sound all that bad when you think about it!

Fan question: (via:@rhysiscommon) What exactly is the benefit of siding yourself with sewer rat Adam Blampied and Big Damo?   

One word - Money. I don't get paid to judge I get paid to work 

Finally, we've seen the debut of a new 'Prospect' in Lucha Archer. Any jealousy there?

No jealousy what so ever! That Lucha Archer is incredibly talented, and quite a handsome bastard too! He keeps winning, James keeps getting paid & we all get more money.. BONUS!! 

We really appreciate your time! 

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