Marketing Vacancies

 For Marketing Vacancies:

Marketing Requirements:

*You must be able to post regularly about the talent we have interviewed.

*You must be able to share content from the page to other Social Media and fan groups. This also includes the sharing of any interviews that PWW have conducted.

*For this role you will be required to become a member of multiple wrestling fan groups. This is where a high percentage of our target market will be found. 

Every post requires:

*A brief history of the talent concerned; eg. Name, Where they are from, some promotions they wrestle for. 

*A link to the respective talent’s social media sites and web page if they have one. 

*Ensuring interview or sponsorship graphic is present with the links posted (this should happen automatically as per the website's SEO settings).

*Not a necessity, but consider a sneak preview of an interview with quotes.

Important Details:

*Please always remember to use hashtags. This helps build our audience.

*Remember to use your username followed by a link to the website under every post.

If you feel you are the ideal candidate, and are able to do the above, please contact us ASAP by using the contact form HERE.

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