My name is Lewis and welcome to the seventh interview with the richest man in professional wrestling, Prince Ameen! Prince Ameen is currently showcasing his talent for WCPW and 3CW. He really does excel when it comes to getting crowd reactions! Pay attention to the little things that this athlete does in the ring!
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Without further ado, Let's talk to royalty!

Hello Prince Ameen and thank you for your time. We have recently witnessed you systematically work your way up the WCPW ladder. Alongside your wrestling abilities you are also the self proclaimed "richest man in professional wrestling" What does this money pay for you in the world of professional wrestling? The finest training? Elite ways to travel?

Self proclaimed? It's a proven fact! I am the richest man in professional wrestling. What does money pay for in professional wrestling? Money buys you anything you could ever want, including in professional wrestling. I have bought the best trainers that money can buy. When things get tough, and I'm a little tired, I have people who will complete the training for me. It's so I can rest. I need a lot of rest. It's a tough life being a Prince.

We have seen several figures in the wrestling industry act as royalty. You however are actual royalty! Do you think your opponents react differently to you in the ring? With the power you have it would not surprise us if many members of the roster are jealous or fearful of yourself.

The worst kind of people are the people who imitate being a royal. I mean, who would lie to the world like that? Scumbags! My opponents definitely act differently towards me. They all seem very confident until I get the upper hand. And I will get the upper hand, by any means necessary.

Let's talk about the pedigree. Many people believe that you invented it. Is there any reality to that? It certainly is a move that radiates an aura of respect. We would suggest making a claim against others that use your glorious manoeuvre, but you have proven that you don't need the money! 

The Pedigree? Yeah I nicked that off Triple H. It seemed to work well for him. Look at all the titles he's won. So I used it and it worked. He hasn't attempted to sue me yet. If he does? I have more than enough money to settle out of court.

We recently interviewed your servant Gabriel Kidd. (We're not one to stir the pot but without your permission!) On the recent WhatCulture event: STACKED, did we witness a planned out move between you and Kidd or did he go out there and act on his own? If so can we get a sneak preview of how you plan on dealing with this? 

Oh Gabriel Kidd! When will he learn? Look, I like him. I don't just hire any servant. My servant has to cater for my every need. I am very selective about who gets this job. I see a lot of talent in Kidd and I know he can learn a lot from me. Learn things that can take him to the next level. He should be honoured. Yet all he does is disrespect me continually. This thing with Liam Slater at Stacked was supposed to be my chance to shine and make Slater look like a fool! Instead, Kidd comes out and tries to play hero. The job of a hero is an incredibly difficult one and Kidd realised that. It showed when he got beat in the match. He was the one that got pinned. I've tried being the nice guy and it doesn't suit me. I'm going to have to get tough with him now. 

Going back, you mentioned Triple H. How important was he in building up your style? We know of course that you are the first Prince Ameen rather than a second Triple H, however there are some similarities in the way you both handle yourselves in the ring (We are sure Triple H would take that as a compliment!)

I've got Triple H on speed dial. We talk frequently. Yeah, I like his style. I find his style of methodically dissecting his opponent to be an incredibly successful one. I may have taken some moves from him but he's taken some moves off me. You know the sledgehammer shot he always does? The one to the head? I taught him that! I told him, you have to put one hand between the other guys head and the metal bit to really get the most effect. Absolutely kills your hand but it works. He seems to have mastered it now. I also have plenty of moves in the bag that I have learnt from the best trainers that money can buy. Just keep watching!

Fan Question (Via:@ScreamForHBK) After spending so much time living the life of royalty, do the vulgar chants you receive from the audience get to you? Or do you just take them in your stride?

All my life I have had everything handed to me. I have lived a real life of luxury. I have lived a life of so much joy and so much greatness. I can understand why I'm hated. I am the polar opposite of all you peasants. All of you are poor, ugly, filthy and disgusting. I understand why you would hate me so much, with such passion, to a point where you would chant derogatory remarks at me. Well keep them coming. I have embraced them. That's because every time I hear any kind of disrespectful chant, I am instantly reminded of how amazing I am and how pathetic all of you are.

We really appreciate your time! 

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