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Ravie Davie is a British pro wrestler.  Mostly known from ICW and GPWA.

How long have you been a professional wrestler?

I started going to the GPWA august 2015 where I done the 8 week induction and moved into the integrated group with the trainees from previous intakes and the reason I wanted to become a wrestler was that it was my dream since I was 4 year old.  A used to watch it every week growing up n wrestle wae my cousin Zander every chance I got.

What would you consider the hardest part about being a professional athlete?

Probably the impact its had on my social life hardly ever get to see my girlfriend, kid or friends as your having to juggle training,  going to the gym, being at shows and helping out, travelling and everything else that comes with it.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years in this industry?

In 5 years time I would like to be one of the more established tag teams with my cousin in the Govan team and be wrestling for tag belts up and down the country.

Could you tell us some of your career highlights?

Making my ICW debut off the back of impressing with my singles debut the night before, wrestling Lionheart for the Zero G Title, wrestling at the SECC [arena in Glasgow] as degeneration Geggs wae Grado; the Barras, Square Go, Shugs and last but definitely not least is my match wae Wolfgang for the ICW World Heavyweight Title.

If you can name 3 wrestlers who influence your style, who would they be?

If am being honest a don't think my styles been influenced of anybody (obv there's wrestlers a like n that) I have just tryed to be my own person, if you think there's any, I would be more than happy to hear lol but the 3 wrestlers who inspired me most are Mick Foley, Drew [Galloway/McIntyre in WWE] n Grado.

Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling?

HBK, Taker, Austin, Hogan


Who would you say is the next break through star in the British Indy scene?


Ma cousin Zander once me n him start tagging more hell start to breakthrough n en the Govan team will take over.

With the sudden growth of Indy wrestling, is WWE really the final place to be?

Depends how you see it really but I would probably say that is the dream fur most the now but see in about 10-15 years as you will have wains growing up watchin your Joe Coffey, Jack Jester, BT Gunn, Wolfgang, Lionheart n Grado, they'll want to wrestle for ICW, SWA, PBW n that n then it wont be.

Who do you think is the most underrated wrestler on the British Indy circuit?


The Sam Barbour experience for how good he is he should be wrestling everywhere the now man.  Purge as well, but they're gettin mire stuff recently so wont be for long.

How much did it rage you that Bram fucked over your wedding?


More raging about wit he done to my eye.

You poured out your past on a recent episode of Fight Club (18th Aug), how much of that is being bottled up, ready to fuck up Bram?

Brams gawny get destroyed man a think because a like a laugh n a joke some people aren't taking me seriously when a say am gonny fuck him up but trust me I am. Am gawny leave his face mangled n covered in blood.

What are your plans for the Hydro this year, if you have any?


Just focusing in gettin my hands on Bram fear n loathing can wait 

Did the troops ever tell you what was happening?

Naw mate still waiting on the answer to at wan u know.

When are you going to win your first ICW title, do you have your eyes set on one?

Once we get Zander a job in ICW we will go for they tag belts, nearly won them against bird n boar twice with makeshift partners, so will have them in my grasps once I've got my cousin gawn for then wae me.

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