I am "The Reject" Blake Harrison. It doesn’t matter where I’m from. I’ve worked for LEP CPW DWA UPW WAW & PWA.

How long have you been in the business and what made you want to become a professional wrestler?

This will be my fourth year in the wrestling business.  I wanted to hurt people, make them feel the pain and suffering I feel everyday. The pain that no one understands, the suffering that never goes away. After trying to fit into this world, and having “friends & family” turn their back to me, I decided it was time to let out my frustration, my anger to the world and there’s no better way of doing that by doing it to the people you like!

What would you consider the hardest part about the business and where did you train to become a wrestler?

After my brother, Jon "The Revelator" Obrey found me and introduced me to this company of LEP and told me his plans to take over the company and make everyone suffer, it was a very easy decision to start training at LEP so we could get inside the company and start taking it over before anyone knew who we were!

What are some of your career highlights?

For 364 days, I was your LEP Academy Champion!  The fact that I defeated Vinni Clay not once but twice before and he got GIVEN a championship opportunity and defeated me really pissed me off. But don’t you worry I will get my rematch and I will regain my championship and hold it longer than 364 days!

What are your favourite memories since you’ve been in the business?

My favourite moment is the face of Danny Walsh when Jon the Revelator revealed himself to the world as he leader of Dead Mans Hand! 

For anyone unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your in-ring style and character?

To know my in ring style, buy a ticket to the first Ever Dead Mans Hand show on February 17th in Torquay to see what my style of pain and suffering is.

You primarily work in Devon, do you see yourself going up north somewhere?  Or maybe Cornwall?

I work wherever I want to work.

Why do you wear red and black face paint on your face?

Why I put it on my face? Why do you care? All you people do is laugh at me because I’m different and I’m not afraid to be and look different from everybody else! Next question!

A couple of questions about Dead Man’s Hand.

Who are Dead Man’s Hand and what is your mission?


​I am insulted that you do not know who Dead Mans Hand are!! Jon the Revelator our leader, The Reject Blake Harrison, The Enforcer Jago, the British Thug Scott Johns, LEP Women’s Champion and coordinator of violence Ruthless Ruth Jackson, the Punisher Mark Walsh and finally the LEP Junior Champion the sinister one Draven! Our mission is what I’ve been saying for months... to TAKEOVER LEP which we have successfully done!


Why did Jon turn his back on LEP and come out as the leader of Dead Man’s Hand?


That is a question you must ask Jon the Revelator... I cannot and will not answer this!

There seems to be a major beef going on with LEP with yourself and the rest of Dead Man’s Hand, do you care to talk about that?

There isn’t much beef now! We are LEP! We own LEP! If any of the other wrestlers don’t like how we run things... then quit! We are going to run things very very different then your normal LEP show! 

People say you are all a poison to LEP.  Do you care to explain?

No, no I do not

You were LEP Academy Champion for 364 days before you lost it to Vinnie Clay.  How does that make you feel and when are you getting your championship rematch?

The fact you remind of this has just pissed me off even more! The next time I’m in the ring with Vinnie Clay for the Academy Championship, I will make him suffer like never before! I will make him suffer so much he wishes he never stepped into a wrestling ring all those years ago! I will make him pay!

Are DMH really taking over LEP and what’s going to happen on the 17th of Feb?

Obviously you don’t understand. I will say it again! YES WE ARE! On Saturday February 17th at the windmill centre in Torquay Dead Mans Hand presents LEP Wrestling! That’s right we are in charge, we make the matches, we tell people what to do! And nobody can stop us!

Plymouth Wrestling Association [PWA] has sadly come to an end.  You were there for a brief period last year.  How does it feel knowing you were part of the history of that company?

I do not care that PWA is Dead!

One last question. What’s next for The Reject?

What’s next for me?? More like what’s next for Dead Mans Hand! We’ve took over one promotion, why not take over another promotion.

Are there any people or organisations you’d like to give a special thank you / shout out to?

I would like to give a special shout out to Danny Walsh, for being the fool of training me and letting me inside LEP!

And finally to my brothers and sister at Dead Mans Hand!

Expect the unexpected!

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