So what got you into wrestling? What match did you see that made you say "this is what I want to do with my life"?


I had always been in love with wrestling my whole life. There was never any doubt of me wanting to be a wrestler. There were a lot of factors that went into me making that decision of following it. But 2 things specifically that made me want to be a wrestler were Inter Species Wrestling and Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong from ROH Final Battle 2010


How long did you train before you had your first match?


I started training in November of 2015 and had my 1st pro wrestling match on Friday June 9th in the main event of H2Os 1 Year Anniversary Show


Wow, your first match in less than a year? You must have been pretty dedicated to your training.


I was very lucky Matt Tremont prepared me very well for my debut match. Out of the original 9 of Matt's first students I was the only one who didn't quit and leave


Are you happy with the way your first match turned out? I'm sure facing Matt Tremont as your first opponent was pretty intimidating, even though he's the person that trained you.


It was easily one of the happiest nights of my life. It couldn't have gone any more perfect than it did. I was so happy with how it went it was unlike any atmosphere I had ever experienced. And I was even luckier it was with Matt, someone who's definitely helped with the direction my life had taken


You've been wrestling for a few years now. What's been your favorite match so far?


2 matches that mean everything to me are me vs. G-Raver at the 1st Opportunity Knocks and myself vs. Chris Dickinson from the G-Raver Benefit Show. G-Raver is one of the best people I've been lucky enough to have in my life and that match meant the world cause it was with someone who means everything to me. Chris Dickinson is in my top 5 all time favorite wrestlers ever and I used to go to all the shows in my area as a fan and cheer him on and to wrestle him on a benefit show for someone who meant so much to me is something that means more to me than anything


Is there anyone you're hoping to face in the near future? If so, who?


Yeah absolutely! I'd be honored to wrestle Boomer Hatfield, Orin Veidt, Blake Christian, Jeff Cannonball, or Atticus Cogar


If you could book yourself in a match with anyone in any company, who would it be with?


My dream match is 100% vs Masato Tanaka. I'd be honored to wrestle him anywhere. Especially either in Japan, ECW Arena in Philadelphia, or White Eagle Hall in Jersey City


Any companies you're hoping to work with?


It means a lot when I'm booked anywhere so awesome. As for new companies of course GCW or PWG would mean the world. Also, FREEDOMS in Japan


So hardcore and deathmatch wrestling is your preferred style?


I'd really like to start getting into deathmatch wrestling. It's something I've always wanted to do but haven't done yet


You just recently had your first show, Weekend At Sean's House. What was it like being the promoter? Did you have help?


I love pro wrestling more than anything and booking was always something I wanted to do. I'm so lucky and happy with how amazing Weekend at Sean's House went. Both shows I thought went great and had so much awesome wrestling and talent on it. Yes Crissy (Matt Tremont's wife) was a huge help and a lot of the H2O students did as well. Also, thank you to all the fans and wrestlers who were apart of it.


Do you plan to make it a yearly event?


Yeah absolutely! I'd like that to be my 'main' show if possible might push it back to early March yearly


Do you have any more shows planned this year? If so, when?


Yeah I do I'm beyond excited. Sean Henderson's Happily Ever After on Saturday Afternoon April 4th in Williamstown NJ. And I'm hoping to also try to schedule hopeful July and October dates


A Halloween show maybe?


That would be awesome! Very likely might be a double header of tournaments


Is it more fun to wrestle than to promote?


That's an awesome question! They're both so rewarding but I definitely think getting a crowd going nuts for you in match is a feeling unmatched


What's it like being one of the most loved wrestlers in the locker room? I honestly don't think I've heard anyone say a bad word about you. Even guys you feud with are nice about it haha...except Marc Angel but he doesn't count.


Ha thank you so much for this it means the absolute world. It's so touching that people have such a kind outlook and thoughts about me and I'm so happy to give positivity to anyone around me in wrestling. Biggest thank you for this!


Do you think you're ready for the next level in your career?


Yeah absolutely!! I'm so excited and I have such a completely different outlook now on not just wrestling but in life. If I can, I'd really like to team with someone who means a lot to me and a world class talent in Steve Sanders.



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