My name is Lewis and welcome to the third BWF interview with the amazingly talented "Session Moth" Martina!


Hello Martina thank you for taking the time to talk to us. You have events coming up all over the UK as well as all the way in Belgium and Pakistan. Do you notice a distinctive difference between the styles of your opponents in different areas? And is there also a difference in how you party?


Howiya hun, Ah its no bodder at all t talk to ye. One thing i kno is dat no matter were I go, even getting to wrestle some of the greatest moths in the wrestling business today, no matter where it is, Ireland, the UK or even just out on the streets at 3 am after too much vodka and me fella ripped me off, no matter where I go, there is always cans, which means Iv always got something to fite fur.


On the 25th of September you have a huge Fatal 4 Way Street Fight coming up for PWU. How have you been preparing for that match? And how confident are you that you will take the PWU Women's Championship home?

Iv said it before and Ill say it again, its de year of the moth, not only am I sure to be taking home the PWU Womens championship, I know im gonna become de very first moth from the flats to have gold to her name, In Oct I will enter OTTs first ever womens tournament for the First ever Womens Championship, and im gonna batter every last one of them moths, so I can rave to me lil hearts content!

Speaking of the OTT tournament, you'll be coming up against Bea Priestly. How do you feel about going up against someone that hits as hard as she does? What is your game plan for that night?

Iv been watchin Bea fur sum tym now, nd all I can say is she luks tough, but nothing I haven't seen before, I'm from inner city Dublin, nothin is scarier than the Huns dat walk the streets of Dublin, I can take a lil bee sting or two.


We witnessed you appear in FSM (Fighting Spirit Magazine) How did you react when you found out? It's a huge step towards making a massive name for yourself! 

I was absolutely delighted to get into fighting spirit! Iv followed it for years, and it's a fantastic way to introduce de rest of British wrestling to the number 1 Hun, was great to see something a lil bit different in that second too, I mean, moons pulls off Jammies quite like the moth.

You mentioned being from Dublin. How hard was it to find a place to train? Or did you just walk out onto the streets fists swinging?

Hanging around the rough areas I'm from, pretty much trains ya in itself to take on the toughest people on the planet, dare to question me on that? Me ma hits harder than any wrestler could ever train for, so I was taught by the best.


FAN QUESTION: (Via:@Yatesy__15)

Since wrestling on TV unfortunately has a very high male:female ratio. Which superstars inspired you to wrestle, both male and female?


I personally find Mick Foley has inspired me the most with Mr Socko, I took his move and mothafied it, with Mr Durexo, and I just used what I have on me, so to speak.

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