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Thanks for taking your time out of your schedule to do this interview with us, how are you doing?


No worries, always happy to do things like this. I’m doing good, got a lot of good things this year to look forward to.No worries, always happy to do things like this. I’m doing good, and got a lot of good things this year to look forward to.


How do you feel women’s wrestling has been developing lately?


I’ve been wrestling for seven years, and back then I did not think women would be in the position they are now, so much has changed in a short period of time. Women main eventing Wrestlemania last year was something I didn’t think we would get to see.


There’s still people out there who discriminate against women's wrestling, what could be done about it?  Can I get your thoughts on those people?


I do not think discrimination can be isolated to just wrestling unfortunately. Women’s Football for example is only just starting to get a public interest following the World Cup last year and more sports are starting to highlight female athletes. I think the right steps are being taken.


As for my thoughts on those who discriminate, I am not actually that bothered, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if that opinion is that women are not suited to Professional Wrestling, then allow me to prove you wrong.


Women’s wrestling has gotten a lot better and a lot more people are paying attention to it, how does this make you feel and what do you believe the best thing about women’s wrestling is?


I agree Women’s Wrestling has gotten a lot better, however I think the people who are paying attention are already wrestling fans who have been waiting for this to happen for a while, I could be wrong, but if you speak to a non-wrestling fan about what I do, they will still ask if it’s “mud-wrestling” and assume that the women are not as tough as the men.


My favourite thing about Women’s Wrestling is when a young girl watches one of my matches, or a match with another female athlete and has a smile on her face. I hope that in that moment she realises that regardless of gender, you can pursue whatever you want to in life.


Has wrestling been tougher / easier for you, as a woman, in such a male dominated sport?


I always believe that with anything in life, you get out what you put in, I don’t think wrestling has been tougher and I don’t think it is easier. On one hand, there aren’t as many female wrestlers as there are male, so you are not competing with as many people, but then there are not as many spots on shows for women’s matches.


What is your opinion on the current progression of British wrestling?


I feel like British Wrestling is progressing well, I think more people are talking about it or watching it and there are multiple shows every weekend. This is both a good and a bad thing, there are more spots open for talent and more choice for fans, however there are some weekends where there are way too many shows on, you can be backstage at a show, look out into the crowd and go “Oh crowds a bit small tonight!” then you look on social media and see there are about three different shows on. It leaves you thinking well if Promoter A, spoke to Promoter B, maybe instead of 20 people in the crowd we could have worked together and increased our attendance, but everyone wants their slice of the pie.


How do you feel when some people claim NXT UK is destroying British wrestling?


Once again this is down to opinion, but I think the complete opposite. NXT UK has put eyes on British Wrestling. I do not understand the thought process of these people if I am completely honest. 


From my perspective why go into this sport if you do not want to reach the top. WWE is the top wrestling company, there is no arguing that, so if an offer is there to work for NXT UK why would you not take that opportunity? 


When someone gets signed to NXT or NXT UK, people seem to not support that, because that person is no longer going to be seen on the independent circuit, but that then leaves a spot open for a new rising star to showcase their talents.


Does NXT UK affect your outlook on wrestling and/or your future?


Definitely, I think my last answer made my intentions perfectly clear. Doors have been opened and more opportunities have come around.


Can we get your opinion on those under contracts that still wrestle in the UK indy scene?  And what about those who have turned down NXT UK contracts to keep working the indy scene?


I do not feel this is my place to really say, I have not seen the contracts so would not be able to make a fair comment.


You’ve been wrestling and training for over 7 years, how has your journey been?


It is a journey that I never thought I would be on; Wrestling has helped me gain so much more confidence than I had before I started training. I have met some of my closest friends and I am so grateful to have a part in this business.


You were trained by NXT UK superstar Joseph Connors, what is he like as a trainer?


In my opinion, Joe is one of the best in the country, I’ve really grown as a wrestler since he took over training back at the beginning of 2014. Elevation is a great school, and everyone supports each other. Until last year I was the only woman at Elevation, but I was not treated any different, I work just as hard as the men.

Was your training as tough as he is?

Yes, we have quite an intense warm up and set of drills at the beginning of every session, but we all help each other get through it. Joe will critique every detail of your wrestling, some people see this at nit-picking, but I’ve always said that I’d sooner someone tell me what I am doing wrong or how I can make something better, so that I can correct my mistakes and fine tune my wrestling.


What inspired you to be trained by him / at Leicester Championship Wrestling?


I had recently got back into watching WWE and thought about maybe ring announcing or refereeing. I never thought I’d be doing something so physical. I was just looking at going to a local show and found that there were two schools near me, I didn’t drive at the time, so chose the closest one which was later called Elevation. I used to get to the school by bike, (so thankful I can now drive) cycling for half an hour before and after training was agony. Joe took over the school a year after my first session.


You recently posted an image to your social media channels about your knee surgery.  Was this an injury that required surgery? What happened?


This is a weird one, I still do not know to this day what happened, when it happened or what surgery I had. When I was around 10/11, I started to experience knee pain. This pain was so bad that a simple family holiday would be ruined because I was walking around in agony and my knee would lock. I always put it down to being tripped over and landed awkwardly on my knee, but the doctors said it was growing pains and I should do more exercise.


Fast forward to 2014, I am 20 years old, I am wrestling, but still, I had knee pain. I was in a match and attempted an Asai DDT, it seemed fine and it was not until the next day that I knew something was wrong.


Funnily enough I was getting ready to go to Joe’s birthday party, as I went to get up I couldn’t straighten my knee, my mum came up to check on me and we practically had to force my leg to straighten, there was a huge ripping sound, I called the guys who were picking me up and told them to meet me at my house, because I could not walk. I still went to the party. 


After two days I went to A&E, still in agony, they told me I had torn my meniscus, they x-rayed it and later I found out that a broken bit of bone had been floating around my kneecap for all of them years, I needed an operation to flush out the joint, there was talk about the bone being pinned back into place.


How was your recovery / how long did it take to recover and get back into training?


I was injured at the end of May 2014, I was referred for MRI scanning in September/October time and then had surgery February 2015. I think I returned to training in the Summer of 2015, but wasn’t back on shows until 2016. Most of the time spent off was waiting around for results or appointment/surgery dates. I cannot fault the NHS at all though.


Recovery was tough, for around 3-4 weeks my routine was to wake up, take some painkillers, do some physio, and then the painkillers would knock me out. I think the Network had just launched in the UK, so at least I had that.


Have you had any complications since?


Thankfully nothing major, because I had a limp from a young age it has affected my pelvic alignment and my other leg has had to work a lot harder to compensate for the injured knee, but nothing too bad.


You tweeted while watching this year’s WWE Royal Rumble, where you mentioned Charlotte Flair and said she is fantastic.  I was wondering is she an inspiration to you and are there any other women wrestlers, in WWE or not, who are an inspiration to you?


Charlotte Flair is just an incredible athlete, she oozes charisma, can cut a great promo, if you were to design the perfect wrestler from scratch, she is probably what most people would have in mind.


Natalya and Beth Phoenix are other inspirations, Beth is a powerhouse and I love that style of wrestling. Natalya has great matches with just about anyone she is put in with (and she loves cats).


You mentioned that you have had 29+ matches with/against Harley Harris.  How do you feel about her?


I forget now, whether this is 29+ matches against each other, or just where we are in the same match together, believe it or not we have teamed together before.


I do not think any other woman quite knows me like she does, we seem to guess what each other is thinking. Some of my best matches have been against Harley.


What is it about Harley that you have faced her so many times?


I used to train over at House of Pain, supplementary to my sessions at Elevation. That is her home promotion. Elevation and House of Pain are less than an hour away from each other, so this is probably why our paths cross so much.


Congratulations on beating her to become the number one contender to the LCW Women’s championship/ How do you feel your street fight with her went?


That street fight is both one of the gruelling, but rewarding matches I have ever competed in. I have never had a match like it before and we went all out. I still have the table we went through in the back of my car.


When do you get your title shot?


Watch this space…


We were wondering if you could tell us some of your favourite things?

-What is your favourite wrestling theme?


Billy Kidman – You Can Run. So many of my wrestling road trips will just have this song on repeat. It’s also on my gym playlist.


-Do you have a favourite movie starring a wrestler?


I am not really a movie person, so have not seen many, but when I was a kid (scarily enough) I loved See No Evil with Kane.


-Who would be your favourite/dream opponent to face?


Natalya, Charlotte Flair, or Beth Phoenix.


-What has been your favourite match in your career so far?


The street fight mentioned previously, also any of my matches with Flex Buffington, who is my tag partner at Elevation, love the stuff we are doing at the moment.


-What has been your favourite women’s match you’ve watched?


Charlotte Vs Natalya (NXT Women’s Championship)

Bayley Vs Sasha Banks (NXT Takeover Brooklyn)


Anything else you'd like to add/say?


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Where can your fans see you in 2020?


I have quite a few things lined up this year, Elevation have a lot of shows on the way, I have my title match at Coventry Pro Wrestling at some point this year, I currently hold the Wulfrun Pro Wrestling Contract In A Case, which guarantees me a shot at the Women’s Championship whenever I want (although Lacie Adams, has stolen this from me).


Other shows you can see me on are Aspire Wrestling Alliance, South West Wrestling, Disobey Wrestling and Exposure Pro Wrestling. 


Thank you for your time.  This concludes our interview


Thank you.