A weekend of wrestling in Scotland.

Members of the Pro Wrestling Worldwide team took to Glasgow, Scotland for a weekend of Scottish Wrestling.

I took a flight to Glasgow and stayed in a hotel in the city centre – about 15 minutes walking distance from one of the weekend venues. Cheap hotel is all I wanted, a place to crash and wash, perfect.

I arrived in Glasgow for the weekend at around 2pm on the Thursday, travelled to the city centre to be greeted by Jordan, one of the team members who I had yet met but have been talking to online all year.

Friends through the love of wrestling, metal, odd sense of humour and booze.

I dropped my luggage off in the hotel and did the usual check in bullshit before me and Jordan went out for the night drinking.

GPWA 3rd Anniversary ICW France 98 ICW Fear & Loathing X



Night 1: GPWA 3rd Anniversary show.

Favourite match or point of the night: Jordan: I'm torn between Buzzard/Stevie and Kez/Kenny

Vince: Lionheart kept returning and hitting his finisher on Sam Barbour.

Jimmy: Stevie and Buzzard match.

Who to keep an eye out for in the future: Jordan: Kez and Leighton. Kez has the potential to be a top heel and Leighton is the future of the Zero G Division

Vince: Zander and Davie – they both have a lot of potential as a tag team. They are fun to watch and know how to work a crowd together.

Jimmy: Leighton Buzzard

Other thoughts: Jordan: I totally suggest getting to a GPWA show whenever you get a chance. Homegrown talent training homegrown talent. It's the future of British wrestling in their early stages. The new guys get to showcase their talent and the pros get the chance to test them and also hone their own skills.

Vince: Stevie Boy pandering to the crowd was a nice touch.

Jimmy: Enjoyed Stevie’s crowd reaction and little pieces here and there were gold.

Night 2: ICW France 98.

Favourite match or point of the night: Craig: Bram vs Ravie Davie was my favourite match of the night.

Jordan: Bram vs Ravie Davie

Vince: Ravie Davie’s death defying leap.

Jimmy: The 8 man tag due to the sheer star power and buzz for the match.

Who to keep an eye out for in the future: Craig: Ravie Davie for jumping off the balcony!

Jordan: Ravie Davie. They guy is quickly becoming a top level talent within ICW and has the potential to get to the top. Leaves it all in the ring and never fails to impress and win new fans.

Vince: Ravie Davie - proving to everyone that he belongs in a wrestling ring.

Jimmy: The Purge.

Other thoughts: Jordan: There's not really much more I can say other than go to The Garage for a Fight Club show. The size is perfect for a wrestling show and it's the home of ICW. Look at it this way. If you go to watch a football match you will realise that the atmosphere is better when your team is at home. Likewise, the atmosphere is at its best when ICW run shows in The Garage. I 100% suggest going to a show.

Vince: Having Carmel return and RVD’s debut was amazing, botchy, but amazing.

Jimmy: I really enjoyed the carnival de Paris at the end, along with the battle royal and making fun of Katie Forbes’ arse.

Night 3: ICW Fear & Loathing X.

Favourite match or point of the night: Craig: ICW Undisputed Championship match was my favourite point but the King of Insanity match was my favourite match.

Jordan: King of Insanity match

Vince: King of Insanity match

Jimmy: King of Insanity match

Who to keep an eye out for in the future: Craig: The Purge

Jordan: Stevie Boy. There's not really much I can say that nobody else has already said. The guy is on a different level and is still only in his mid 20's. The fact he had a WWE tryout at 24 years old is nothing short of impressive. He has proved that he can do literally anything in wrestling after his showing in the death match. Want a high flying match? Stevie can do it. Hold for hold? Tag match? He can do it all. He has the potential to be the next big British name and is already on his way to the top. 2018 will be a great year for him.

Vince: I've been saying it for months, Stevie Boy! He can do it all. He's one of the best cruiserweights who can go toe to toe with the best and the biggest in wrestling. Stevie Boy is a future ICW World Heavyweight Champion. 2018 is his year.

Jimmy: Stevie Boy

Other thoughts: Jordan: Fear and Loathing is Wrestlemania for ICW fans. It shapes the following year and after this years show it's looking like a promising 2018. Every wrestling fan should go to Fear and Loathing at least once just to witness the best fans in the world show the guys the love and respect they earn with as much enthusiasm as they can.

Vince: Better show than last year, it's a shame there was a smaller turnout than last year, perhaps it might be within financial interest that ICW doesn't use the Hydro next year.

Jordan's final thoughts: I honestly recommend coming to Glasgow to experience the whole Fear and Loathing weekend. There's not much that comes close to it and the atmosphere is always at its peak. The crowd are welcoming to every single fan who makes the journey from all over the world and make you feel right at home. The guys give 110% in every match to repay the people who keep them in a job and it gives us one of the best weekends in wrestling

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