Fight Club Pro:Dream Tag Team Invitational

It started when I was browsing for shows to attend in the upcoming months. I saw something about British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) facing off against the Elite (Matt and Nick Jackson [Young Bucks] and Kenny Omega) and I just HAD to see that live.

The venue is The Diamond Banqueting Suite in Wolverhampton (West Midlands, UK) and it used to be an old cinema apparently. It looks like your typical venue suite that you can hire out for wedding receptions or conference halls but it was nice. Beer prices weren't too shabby either. We started off in an extremely long queue for the fan convention where we got to meet stars like WIll Ospreay, Travis Banks, Sami Callihan, Mark Haskins, Zack Sabre Jr, Marty Scurll [CHICKEN WING!!!!!], Penta el Zero M and of course, The Elite and British Strong Style amongst many more. We got to take photos with the stars and buy merchandise.

The card was:

Dan Moloney vs Mark Haskins vs Chris Brookes vs Omari

FSU vs Los Gueros Del Cielo

Shane Strictland vs Sami Calihan

FCP Title match: Travis Banks (c) vs Will Ospreay

The Hunter Brothers vs The LDRS

Rey Fenix vs Penta El 0M

British Strong Style vs The Elite

Dream Tag Team Invitational (Night 1) was an event by Fight Club Pro which took place at the Diamond Banqueting Suite, Wolverhampton, England 14th April 2017. I believe this was the company's largest show that has ever taken place. There was over 1,100 people there but us fans in attendance believe it was over 1,200.

Match 01:

Mark Haskins def Nixon Newell, Dan Moloney, Chris Brookes, Omari and Jimmy Havoc

First out was Chris Brookes and the crowd did not seem to like him. He seems to enjoy belittling the ref. Next out was Omari. I can feel the crowd's energy and hype as he came out. He is a fan favourite by the sound of the chants. Next out was Dan Moloney. Another one the crowd doesn't like. I have not had the pleasure of knowing these 3 men prior to this show. Final entrant was Mark Haskins - I love Mark Haskins. I've been a fan since I started watching Progress Wrestling a small while back. He's certainly a crowd favourite here. The announcer introduces the 4 men in the ring. "Omari" seems to get a decent chant and the other 2 were booed again but Mark Haskins was cheered on.

WHAT THE HELL!? JIMMY HAVOC! The place erupts! "Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy Fucking Havoc!" chants erupt. He says "how can Fight Club Pro put on their biggest show yet and not have Jimmy fucking Havoc!?" He inserts himself into the match. WAIT WHAT!? IS THAT B*Witched!? Nixon Newell!!!! The crowd sing along to her theme and chant "Nixon! Nixon! Nixon fucking Newell!"

Lots of faced paced action in and out of the ring. Great opening match. Some amazing chants. The best spots were when Jimmy Havoc was "F5'd" by Dan Moloney onto the ring apron, Brookes and Newell were fighting and some of the crowd chant "Shine him up Nixon Shine him up", Nixon Newell 450 splashed the lads outside of the ring, that was awesome to see. We saw a Death Valley Driver from Haskins to Havoc which eventually lead to the wrestlers goving each other their finishers before Haskins hit the the rollup Sharpshooter on Omari to make him tap out.

Match 02:

F.S.U def Los Gueros Del Cielo

Los Gueros Del Cielo [L.G.D.C] was first out to surprisingly a warm reception for foreign talent (America). F.S.U came out to Party Hard by Andrew W.K and got the crowd pumped for the match. Not even a minute into the match and there was some high flying spots. It was really fun to watch. The technical wrestling from L.G.D.C was remarkable - I have seen both men wrestle in Lucha Underground but never before live until tonight. Eddie Dennis hits a Fall-away Slam and Samoa Drop on LGDC simultaneously. Eddie Dennis really is the bigger and stronger athlete of all 4 men.

There was a nice top rope spot where Eddie Dennis was holding up one of the members of LGDC in the air and Mark Andrews crossbody'd him to try and pin him, but got a two count. Mark Andrews climbed up the side of the stage, as did a member of LGDC, the crowd chanted "please don't die" that's pretty funny. It's only about 6 feet high - both men jumped on their opponents. In the end F.S.U pick up the victory and go on to the next part of the DTTI tournament - I do not know how it went as I only could attend the first of 3 shows.

Match 03:

Sami Callihan def Shane Strictland & Lio Rush

Shane Strictland came out to a nice reception. He is a fan favourite. "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica started playing and I wondered if for some strange reason Jim Smallman [Progress Wrestling Co-Owner] was coming out but it was the Callihan Death Machine, Sami Callihan. I've been a fan of his since he debuted in WWE's NXT as Solomon Crowe but he has underused in my opinion. Wait another theme is playing. It's Lio Rush! Rush, Callihan and Strictland are phenomenal athletes, especially Callihan - he is the biggest of all 3 [aprox 200lbs] and he moves like he's 50lbs lighter. Lots of back and forth pin attempts to start - this is one of those "blink and you'll miss it" type fast paced matches. I can hear it now from Big Van Vader - he'll call this "flippy shit" but it's not mainly flips just a lot of fast paced technical wrestling. It's really hard to describe, just lots of kicks, running, technical wrestling, punches and a lot of athletic ability goes into this kind of exciting match. A lot of front of the crowd action where they dive into each other on the front row.

A Lio Rush singing chant springs out of nowhere. Elbow strikes between all 3 men in the middle of the ring. Then a double headbutt to Callihan. Lio Rush hits 2 double reverse Rana's (one to each men) and then hits the frog splash but only gets a 2 count as Strictland forces the pin attempt to break. To end the match, Callihan picks up Rush and hits him with a sickening clothesline, literally flips him over. Callihan hits Rush with a modified jumping Package/Tombstone piledriver for the win.

Match 04:

Travis Banks (C) Def Will Ospreay for the FCP Title

Ospreay comes out first. Travis Banks came out to a standing ovation! The young kiwi is really taking the UK by storm! Mark my words, he will be a main event player outside the small indies. He is my pick to win the Progress Super Strong Style 16. A "Travis! Travis! Travis fucking Banks!" chant erupts the venue. Quick pinfall attempts and a lot of athleticism to start off the match. Both men are going back and forth with their own "stunts" to try and outsmart the other. Most of the match so far is the odd grappling and strikes. Ospreay goes for the OsCutter but is met with a German Suplex, a German Suplex by Ospreay, then a strike out by both men. Banks goes on to the top turnbuckle Ospreay hit a Spanish Fly! Ospreay hits a finishing move off the top and goes for a pin but again Travis Banks kicks out!! Banks hits the Crossface submission but Ospreay reaches for the ropes. Banks rolls back and keeps Ospreay in the submission. Ospreay goes for an OsCutter, misses and rolls up, 2 count. Banks gets Ospreay on his shoulders and uses the airplane spin drop and goes for a pin but again a 2 count. Banks hits the Crossface and Ospreay taps out!

Match 05:

The Hunter Bros def The LDRS

The Hunter Brothers came out to a good reception but the LDRS are more known so they were given a bigger ovation, that is, until Marty Scurll decided to live up to his name and go all villain on the crowd, telling us we're at a shit hole and we don't deserve them as we just want to try and get ourselves over. What a dick of a heel he really is. Brilliant. I said when he joined Ring of Honor he'd be something special and he will be. This article was created and published months after this show so for anyone who knows who Marty Scurll and Ring of Honor are.... Too Sweet Woop Woop!

A double superkick and a quick near fall from the Hunter Bros to start the match. Some nice corner sports where LDRS were in the corner and The Hunter Bros were punching them at the top of their heads. Crowd chanting along with "10! 10! 10!". The Hunter Brothers aren't very known to me but I'm quite impressed by watching them. Their faced passed technical tag team wrestling ability is very good to watch. i am impressed more and more every time I see Zack and Marty. Two lads come from the British independents making names for themselves across the United States. Zack manages to get his submission in but one of the Hunter Bros kick out. Marty does his usual finger "breaking" spot and goes for a Chicken Wing but alas it fails as the Hunter Brothers reverse. The ending of the match was brilliant. Zack was going for a submission and one of the Hunter Brothers reversed it and pinned Zack for the pinfall victory.

Match 06:

Penta Ol Em def Rey Fenix

Rey is out first. Then obviously Penta. Warm reception. It's not often these two Lucha Brothers are in the UK so whenever they are, especially against each other, it's always a fantastic match. This will be a fun and hard hitting match. There was a nice spot near the beginning where Penta was outside and Fenix high dived at him onto the chairs in the front row. About mid-match there was a Canadian Destroyer from Penta to Fenix using the turnbuckle as a springboard. There was a lot of hard hitting kicks and high technical fast paced wrestling that the brothers are famous for. Near the end of the match both brothers exchanged kicks and high knees until they both kicked eachother out cold on the mat.

Rey hit a sick "running crucifix Canadian destroyer" and the crowd loved it. In return, Penta hit Fenix with a package piledriver on the apron - the hardest part of the ring as it's pure steel. To end the match, Fenix sat up and did Penta's pose. This pissed Penta off so he kicked him in the head and used the package piledriver to pick up the victory. At the final taunts of the match, the crowd started throwing money into the ring for both of them, this is common in Lucha Libre where the promoter and fans pay the wrestlers. You could see it in their eyes and faces that they were humbled that the fans loved the match. A "please come back" taunt ends the match completely.

Match 07: The Main Event

The Elite def British Strong Style

Right. This match. Holy shit is all I have to say. You MUST see this match. Buying the DVD for this match alone is worth it. This match is a show stealer. I bought tickets for this match alone.

British Strong Style [B.S.S] are in the house. B.S.S pay homage to their new boss, Triple H. The Elite are here and the crowd is going wild. On with the introductions and Tyler Bate got the biggest pop I've ever heard for a British lad.

Matt and Pete start the match. Dunne up to his tricks again, started on Kenny while Kenny was on the apron. Pete and Matt doing some basic wrestling manoeuvres and it's very over with the crowd. This match will be a pure wrestling match. Nick is tagged in and so is Trent some hard hitting and some pure wrestling. The crowd are really warming up to this match. Kenny tags in and so does Tyler. I'd say Kenny is easily Tyler's toughest more experienced opponent and Tyler looks comfortable in the ring with him - at either 19 or 20 years of age at the time.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks crack jokes at B.S.S on the mic and The Elite "too sweet" B.S.S but they bite their fingers. Elite goes for a TRIPLE Superkick but it gets blocked by B.S.S. B.S.S hit a TRIPLE PEDIGREE! The crowd loves it! Dunne moonsaulted off the turnbuckle to the Elite on the outside - that was a fun spot. The Young Bucks do what they do best. Double teaming B.S.S. A "War clap" breaks out (clapping The Terminator theme).

Omega vs Dunne is a singles match I'd pay big money to see, they showed amazing chemistry in the ring together, I believe this was the first time both teams have faced each other. It was like seeing two friends go at it for the 10th time and still entertain the crowd - like Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews or Kevin Steen and El Generico. The Elite went for a triple brainbuster but it was countered into a triple suplex. It was great. At one point, Tyler Bate had Kenny Omega on his shoulders and Matt Jackson's legs in his arms and he spun around - aeroplane spin and giant swing at the same time - un-frigging-believable. Near the end of the match the ring was filled with bodies as Omega was giving out snap dragon suplexes. I've never seen that before. While the Elite were being The Elite and messing about, Pete Dunne got back in the ring and took a triple superkick to the face. Loads of close counters and amazing technical wrestling in this match. One of the best I've ever seen. Another triple superkick to B.S.S was returned with a triple bip and bop - Tyler's punching finisher. A double Meltzer Driver was going to happen to Trent and Pete but Tyler stopped it. Instead, Kenny and Matt or Nick received a Meltzer driver. The ending of the match was amazing. Each giving out their signature moves, superkick galore and then the final Meltzer driver/Indy Taker followed by Omega's One Winged Angel for the 3 count. That was amazing. I could watch that over and over again. After the match Omega put over B.S.S said they're one of the greatest talents ever and they deserve that WWE contract.

A standing ovation closes the show.

Thank you for reading this "goodbye and goodnight" as Kenny Omega would say.

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