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Hello Skye, welcome back to Pro Wrestling Worldwide for a progression interview.  How have you been?

I've been fine, Working out, travelling, beating people up the usual.


Let's get straight down to business, you trained with Varsity Pro Wrestling in Portsmouth back in 2012.  Your first match came about 6 months later into training, as part of a trainees show. Do you remember who you faced?


I do actually. Her name was Em Jay and needless to say I beat her up


Previously you mentioned that you took some time off here and there to heal from injuries, can you tell us anything about the injuries you've sustained in your career please?


I have broken my nose 3 times wrestling (4 Times totally) and most recently I sustained a broken jaw (2017). I've also had trapped nerves and a few pulled muscles and a hyperextended elbow. But the worst was definitely the broken jaw.


I've been trying to keep up with many different wrestlers that I'm due to speak to and I noticed last time you hadn't won any championships, I have been following your career since and you've been a champion in CWP (Charity Wrestling Promotion).  Are you still champion and how long did you or have you now held that title?


I am still a champion there yes. I am the reigning CWP Women’s Champion and have been for 414 days and I will continue to be until I am ready to give it up. I also hold the BEW Deeds Contract, and I fully intend on using that to get another championship to add to my current one.


What is your opinion on the current state of pro wrestling in the UK and do the recent changes affect your outlook and/or your career?


I think for UK wrestling in general the recent changes as you put it can only be good in the long run. As it will give the less established wrestlers out there a chance to shine and get noticed by the bigger companies in the UK and potentially all over the world.


Same question as above but for women’s wrestling.


Exactly the same as above really. That space will only allow others the chance to show that they are just as good as the talent signed to the bigger companies. It will also give the same wrestlers to evolve and learn more, by wrestling more experienced performers. That opportunity and experience could lead to them being able to travel and experience opportunities worldwide or nationally.


What would you consider the hardest part about being a professional female athlete in a male dominated sport?


I think the hardest part is matching up to the higher level women in the industry. As well as trying to be get opportunities based on work ethic and talent as opposed to looks. It's not as common as it used to be but I think it's still a factor in bigger companies. As well as always feeling you have to prove that you are just as good as the men out there.


Back in September (2018), you made your debut overseas in Germany, for GWF (German Wrestling Federation).  You were unsuccessful in your match for the no.1 contendership, do you have any plans on returning to GWF, or any other overseas promotion outside of the UK?  If so, where?


I am hoping to return there at some point next year and hopefully they want me back and that will happen, only time will tell. But I'd also love to wrestle in numerous places all over Europe, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, and a lot of others. But I'd also love to go and wrestle in America, Mexico, Canada and Japan. At the moment it’s one step at a time but I'm aiming to tick all those places off my list soon.


You've been known for your attitude in the ring and towards others, saying things like you can't wait to dropkick someone in their face, can you explain your words to those who haven't had the pleasure of watching you?


Firstly...WATCH MY MATCHES....Secondly, I don't really care about upsetting people or making people angry because when I get in the ring only one thing and that is beating someone up...winning is good as well but as long as I'm beating someone up I'm happy.


In a previous interview you did, back in July, you mentioned you'd love to be part of Stardom and/or NXT UK.  Have you had any offers or interests from either?


Not at this present moment in time. Hopefully one day that will happen. At the moment I am concentrating on improving and evolving in the ring, and proving that I deserve to be at that level with everyone else. And that I deserve those opportunities.


In the same interview, you mentioned you'd love to wrestler some amazing names such as Kasey Owens, Kay Lee Ray, Kris Wolf, Toni Storm, Ayesha Raymond and others.  Who would be your ultimate dream match against?


I think that's impossible to answer as it changes constantly I think, It was originally a match with Chyna, but obviously now she has passed away it is no longer an option. But even though my dream match changes all the time I think I'd have to say at the moment it would probably be a Gauntlet Match against, Shanna, Kasey, Kay Lee Ray, Kris Wolf, Toni Storm, Ayesha and Melina. There are a lot of other people I'd love to wrestle but that match would be awesome and of course I'd be run the gauntlet.


You are now part of Pro Wrestling:EVE's new SHEVOLUTION brand.  Can you tell us a little about that?


I don't know if I'm a solid part of the brand BUT I hope so. I loved being a part of the beginning of EVE's new brand. And hopefully they will have me back and possibly be part of EVE some day as well.


You sadly lost your match against Charlie Morgan on the first night.  How was it to wrestle Charlie?


Charlie Morgan is someone I respect a lot actually, she is an amazing wrestler and performer. And at the time we wrestled she was the champion, so it was a little bit of pressure BUT I oddly work well under pressure. I personally always think my matches can be better. But I loved every minute of this match despite being superkicked numerous times.  I would love the chance to wrestle her again one day.


Can you tell us about the logo on your jacket, what does it stand for and what does that mean to you?


The Valknut which is the three triangles inside a circle. The Valknut means  numerous things but the things that stood out to me where, Discipline, Honor, Self Reliance, Truth and Courage, they are all things that I adhere to and believe in. Things that I believe are vital in getting to anywhere you want in life. It also means perseverance, meaning not giving up on anything, not stopping until you achieve what you set out to.


You recently put up a photo on social media, with you kicking a trash can with Roxxy’s head inside it.  Do you have no remorse for your actions?




And finally.  How does it make you feel when people discriminate others, especially women, in wrestling and what should be done about it?


I think anyone who discriminate against others are the worst kind of people in wrestling. You shouldn't be judged because you look different or don't fit into the box that they think people should fit into. Everyone is different and nobody should be forced to fit someone else's version of normal. We are all our own people. Wrestling shouldn't be about conforming, it should be about the wrestling and entertaining the fans that pay to come and see the performers, nothing else.


Thank you for your time, Skye.  This concludes our interview.


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