Social Media Vacancies

 For Social Media Vacancies:

Facebook Admin Requirements:

*To write news and stories from worldwide promotions (factual, not clickbait / false news stories).

*To post regularly when watching wrestling on TV or Network (WWE, Impact, ROH, NJPW etc).

*This requires you to complete the post within 24 hours of it airing (24 hours after the show finishes).

*To write about various promotions and not just WWE, ROH, Impact or NJPW although they are the big 4.

Every post requires:
*Give details of the match you're currently watching.
*Screen shots of wrestler entrances, preferably with their names on view & during match.
*Give your thoughts on the match (e.g what you liked / didn't like and give your reasons).
*Screenshot of the result, including a description of what the finish was
*Any further thoughts of the match

*Research your news posts before posting - make sure they're true

*Write your own posts and not copy/paste from elsewhere

Important Details:

*We do not allow clickbait or false news because this goes against what PWW are trying to achieve.
*Create your own content and do not share news from other fan pages, promotion pages is acceptable.

*We are not against sharing from satire websites such as Kayfabe News​

*Please always remember to use hashtags. This helps build our audience.

*Remember to use your username followed by a link to the website under every post.

If you feel you are the ideal candidate, and are able to do the above, please contact us ASAP by using the contact form HERE.


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