Sponsorship Advertising

For your 1 year sponsorship advertising deal (Priced at £50GBP [$64USD / €56] a year), we offer you the following:


*Your logo on all banners we use for interviews (see NJPW example below). 
*Your logo on any future poster/flier within that year. 
*You will automatically receive Tiers 1 & 2, so your promotion/business will be prominent on the PWW website. 
*If you are able supply us with fliers and/or business cards we will happily hand them out at local events. 
*We will also include a cropped version of the board on our Facebook Page header.

(NJPW & Jon Moxley image is copyrighted to NJPW and is used for display purposes only.  All rights reserved to NJPW).

Concept design sample

Sponsorship example

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