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Thatcher Wright is a British wrestler from Scotland.  He is most known in GPWA and ICW.

How long have you been wrestling and what made you want to become a professional wrestler?


I first started training 3 years ago and my reason for doing so was the same reason I do anything in life. To promote the views and ideas of Baroness Margaret Thatcher.


What would you consider the hardest part about being professional athlete?


The hardest part is no doubt the training, although mr dear Margaret gives me the strength to push through even the toughest sessions.


Who directed you to GPWA / why did you choose GPWA to train and wrestle?


I chose the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum as the coaches there were and still are at the top of the British wrestling scene.


Being from GPWA, what’s it like training under some of the greatest British stars to date?


The training is tough but it needs to be. This sport is not easy and the training needs to reflect this.


Which coach in GPWA has influenced you the most in your training?


All of the coaches have influenced me in there own way. The reason why the GPWA is so great is that each coach brings something unique and I use it all to reach my goals.


Who do you think the next breakout star will be from GPWA?


The next breakout star? That is easy Thatcher Wright. What you have seen from myself is only a brief glimpse of what I am capable. Over the next 12 months you will see a Thatcher Wright like you have never seen before.


What are some of your favourite career highlights?


My Career highlight so far was my debut in Insane Championship Wrestling. The reason for this was that I was able to spread the message of Baroness Margaret Thatcher to a wider audience than I had done before.

How do you feel British Wrestling’s rise has impacted the business as a whole?


British wrestlings rise has had a huge impact globally and this is great news for Thatcher Wright. The bigger British wrestling gets the more people I can promote my saviour Baroness Margaret Thatcher to.


You made your ICW debut August 2017.  The crowd were very much against you for admitting you are a descendent of Margaret Thatcher.  Lionheart came out and Rock Bottoms you in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheered that. Can I get your thoughts on that moment?


As I said above, my Insane Championship Wrestling debut was the highlight of my career so far. The fact that Lionheart Rock Bottomed me was irrelevant, I still achieved my purpose that day. I am willing to go through the pain for my dear Margaret.


Is there anyone on the ICW roster you’ve not faced but would like a shot at?


There are many people I would like to compete against in ICW including the aforementioned Lionheart. Right now my aim, as everyone else's should be, the World Champion Stevie Boy. A match against him is the biggest stage available and that is what I want to promote the views of Baroness Margaret Thatcher.


On Friday 11th May 2018 you compete in the Drew Galloway invitational tournament.  Can you tell us about the tournament and how you plan on winning?


The tournament is a collection of 16 of the best young wrestlers in Scotland right now. How I plan to win? That is not something I am willing to share. You will have to come watch to find out.


How do you plan to capture the attention of the Scottish fans?


I plan to capture their attention by showing them how much better their lives can be with the help of Baroness Margaret Thatcher.


People have been saying that you’re not actually related to or support Maggie and it’s just a front.  Is this true and why?


I have never claimed to be related to Baroness Margaret Thatcher. If you actually listened to what I said before, I am a disciple of Baroness Margaret Thatcher. A follower, a devoted worshiper. As far as it being a front? Would I have got this far if it was? I think not!


Why do you carry a copy of her book around with you?


Why do I carry my dear Margaret's book? So I can impart her wisdom on the public at any given time.


Some people say that you talk a lot more shit than what’s written in that book you carry.


That is not even a question. No comment.


What are your thoughts on the Scottish wrestling fans?  They seem to hate you.


I am not concerned with what Scottish wrestling fans think of me at this current moment. In time they will see why Thatcher is always Wright!


What are your plans for the Hydro this year, if you have any?

The Hydro is not in my thoughts at the moment, there is a lot to achieve before them in the name of Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

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