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The Purge are a British wrestling tag team mostly known from GPWA and ICW, which consists of Krobar and Stevie James.  

How long have you two been in the business and what made you want to become professional wrestlers?

Started training at Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum in 2015 I done some kickBoxing for a few years but Wrestling had always been my true passion , I always wanted to do it but never really knew the best place to train and then GPWA opened up and inked I had to join.

We’ve been training at the asylum since 2015. I’ve grew up playing rugby and done a bit of Russian Sambo. After watching the ICW documentaries I decided to give it a try.

What would you both consider the hardest part about being professional athletes?

Pro Wrestling on a whole is a hard thing to do, I’ve played rugby at a decent level, had 20stone guys stamping your face, I’ve torn ligaments. Competed in fighting tournaments, I’m a tough bastard but Pro wrestling is a whole different level of tough.


Everything about Pro Wrestling is Tough from the physically demanding matches to your training and also not just physically but mentally draining as well . Oh and that's not to mention the travelling . 

What are some of The Purge’s career highlights? 

Wrestling the NAK for the Pro Wrestling Elite tag championships in the Asylum along with making debuts for ICW and TNT Extreme Wrestling.

If you each can name 3 wrestlers or teams who influence your style, who would they be?


I don’t think our style is influenced by any tag team, we do our thing, we go out and fight, sometimes its ugly but it gets the job done.


Yeah there have been wrestlers I have watched growing up who have influenced my style a little yeah , from the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart , Shawn Michaels but to be honest as Krobar said our style is our own  it's rough it's hard hitting we are willing to go out there and do anything to get the job done.

Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of TAG TEAM Pro Wrestling? 

Definitely the Hart Foundation, Brain Busters, L.O.D, Rockers.  We could go on. 

Who would you say is/are the next breakthrough star(s) in British Wrestling?

There is a lot of talent out there from the schools but for us we would have to say Paxxo, Jokey, Sam Barbour, Kez Evans and Leighton Buzzard.  Get along to a GPWA show and you will see why.

Who are your favourite and dream opponents to face?


My favourite opponents we have faced are the NAK there's a tag team that if you fave off against them you will be pushed to the limit.  They brought the best out in us, The Polo Promotions are another great example of that, they are such a perfect team that if you are not prepared for them  Mark and Jackie will run over you.


My dream opponents to face would be The Briscoe's or War Machine, they both are perfect opponents for the purge. Hard hitting and no problem doing what it takes to win. Also the Hardy Boyz would be a dream come true to face them.

My favourite opponents to face?….Polo Promotions, NAK, Just Uz, Manc Union, Fight club. There is never a dull moment with any of these teams. My dream opponents would be, War Machine, Briscoe's, any hard hitting team that likes a fight

With the uprising and popularity of independent wrestling, is WWE really the place to be?

Everyone has a different idea of where the top is. For some its WWE, for others its not. For me, I want to be the best wherever I go.

Eventually yeah WWE is a place that I would like to go but WWE is not the only goal I want to achieve.   
There is a full world of opportunity out there from NJPW, ROH, Progress.

We are not here just to be the best team in one company we aim to be the very best tag team on this planet.  


What’s the importance, in your opinions, of tag team wrestling?

It's extremely important, what's great about tag team wrestling is that you never know what is going to happen, it brings something exciting to a promotion.


Tag team wrestling is extremely important, it's great that there's promotions pushing tag team wrestling. It offers a different dynamic to a show/promotion. Unfortunately there's promotions who have teams and championships in place that just don’t give a shit about tag team wrestling.

What do you both think of the current state of British wrestling?

British wrestling is booming, the world is watching it and its only gonna get bigger and better. 

You guys have the perfect combination of quickness and power, is there anyone you think you can’t beat?  If not, why?

There is no one myself and Krobar cannot defeat.  We will fight anyone anywhere any time and we will win. 


The thing that people don’t realise with me and Stevie is regardless of size and reputation we will fight them, we will find a way to beat them. We've got the tools to beat anyone on our day.

Krobar, you have a reputation as being one of the most brutal and intimidating in ICW, some people may think you’re just a bully, what do you have to say to those people?


If people think I’m a bully that's up to them, I've grew up fighting. If I want something I’ll take it. Im not a bad guy I just keep bad company.

What is the relationship between you guys and former ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Wolfgang?  Are you his mercenaries, hired hit-men or what?

Sometimes it's Good to keep Bad Company. Wolfgang is our brother, you go against him you go against us all.


Wolfgang is our brother at arms, we’ve got each others backs. We ride together, we fight together.

What should someone who has never seen a Purge match expect?

A fight , it's what we do best . We are willing to do what we need to to win , put our bodies on the line . We won't stop until we win.



A hard-hitting fight. nothing fancy, just punching and kicking and a lot of aggression.

If you could face any current tag team champions, outside of ICW, who would it be?



All of them . ALL of the Tag team Champions in all the promotions, the purge are coming and we will fight you and we will win and take your tag team gold. It's just a matter of time.


Any team, anywhere.

Speaking of titles, when’s your ICW tag title shot coming lads?  Seems to be Polo Promotions and The Marauders taking up your spot.


Don't you worry we have our eyes set on the prize once we deal with the Fite Network. ICW's tag titles are next.



We have been a bit busy with the Kid Fite, Krieger and Lou King Sharp issue. As soon as we’re done with them, then we’ll be looking at whoever the champs are.


One last question.  What’s next for The Purge?



WE won't stop until we known world wide as the greatest Tag Team today. So we will just keep doing what we do best, kicking ass and dropping bodies.

Honestly, I don’t know. Me and Stevie will continue kicking down doors and kicking people's heads in.


We would love to thank our coaches at Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum without them we would never be where we are.

Massive thank you to Mark Dallas (ICW), Jay Apter(TNT), Vadim Kolganov, Ruffneck, Mikey Whiplash.


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You can catch The Purge at Insane Championship Wrestling.