My name is Lewis and welcome to the second BWF interview with international sensation Travis Banks! From New Zeland Travis is currently showcasing his talent on the British wrestling scene. 

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Without further ado let's get into the interview!

Being from New Zealand would you say it is your goal to push professional wrestling more into the mainstream media over there?

My very first goal was just to become a professional wrestler and after my first match my goals just kept evolving and building until I realised that this actually could become a career for me. I always wanted to put NZ on the map as far as professional wrestling. I just didn't know  how far I could take it myself. Now the perspective is different and I want to show what I have known all along about NZ, that we have some of the best wrestlers in the world. I pride myself on hard work and dedication to my craft and that's something that is ingrained in the NZ way of life. Just knuckling down and doing the hard yards. I want to show the world that being from NZ is something to be proud of and even though it's a small country and making it seems nearly impossible if you work hard and follow your passion 100% it can lead to amazing things. 

We've seen you make an impact up and down the UK. I was recently in attendance for two nights of WCPW tapings that featured yourself. 3 times I witnessed you wrestle and I was amazed at how versatile you are when it comes to wrestling. If you were to pick a specific style that reflects how you wrestle the most which would it be? Or would you say that your style is a hybrid of many styles?

For me personally if I had to pick one style that reflects the way I am it would be the strong style approach to the business. My intensity in the ring is a reflection of how I approach most things in my life especially in regards to training. However wrestling is a versatile business and you have to wear many hats and be very adaptable in different situations. I want to be the best wrestler/sports entertainer in the world and I feel if I can work on all aspects of professional wrestling and do it to a high standard I will be a more complete wrestler. It's comforting to know people can pick up on this and realise that in whatever situation I'm in I can do it all.  

We've recently seen you wrestle Zack Sabre Jr and you really took each other to the limit. Do you have to prepare yourself in a different way when it comes to certain match types? For example is there a difference in training before say a battle royale and a hard hitting match against opponents such as Pete Dunne?

For me personally the answer is no. The way I train is the same throughout. I always want to be prepared for any situation at any time. With wrestling, the business can ask anything of you at any moment. Training and conditioning is my second passion. I love it and I feel like it has defined me a lot as a not just a wrestler but as a person. I take pride knowing I have a high standard of wrestling and I hope it rubs off on others. Matches with people like Sabre or Pete Dunne are on a whole other level. Yes that is true but at the end of the day if you wanna be the best you have to prepare like a champion and that's what I try to do as best I can.

Although not yet televised [at the time of this interview] you have made your WCPW debut. You walked in and immediately performed exceptionally without showing any signs of being nervous. When you first debut with a new promotion, what sort of mindset are you in? Do you walk in knowing that you will steal the show? Or do you let your actions in the ring do the talking? 

Professional wrestling is my passion so I treat every promotion the same as I always do whether it be at Koraukuen Hall for Zero-1, Ring of Honour or even WCPW. I have a job to do, this is what I live for. So whilst there is always some anxiety to perform I always just pound my chest and realise that this is an amazing opportunity we get to perform in front of people and that I am going to take every inch of this opportunity to help my career. I wouldn't say I think about stealing the show but rather think that I want to out do my own performances each and every time. That way you get the best version of Travis Banks every time you see him. Well that's how I think about it in theory haha.

British wrestling is getting better every day. With so many promotions cropping up and new stars being made every day, which wrestler on the indies would you most like to wrestle on a big stage?  

I actually have so many but I'll list just a few. My best mate in the business currently tearing it up in CMLL in Mexico Johnny Idol. Him and myself started this crazy journey together and to see just how far me and him have come would be amazing if we could tear it up on a massive stage. Mr. Juicy from Australia. Another amazing talent that every time him and myself step in the ring we have amazing chemistry. As far as the U.K. goes man there is a lot to choose from! Pete Dunne immediately springs to mind. But the list continues: Tyler Bate, TK Cooper and I'd love to revisit myself vs Sabre Jr!

Finally, which wrestler would you say has had the biggest impact on your career? Whether personally through training or through inspiration. (And could / have you beaten them?) 

My biggest inspirations in this business were Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid. Their in ring work ethic is something I have always tried to emulate. However as my career progresses I don't wanna limit myself to just being the next version of them but the first Travis Banks. Davey Richards who I was fortunate to train with had a massive impact on my life and mentality towards the business. As well as Ikuto Hidaka who trained me in Zero-1.

Fan question: (Via: @SuzaroSection) What would be your overall goal throughout your wrestling career? Would you like to stay and make your name in the British wrestling scene or is your ultimate goal to go to WWE? 

As I said before my goals are always evolving and changing with my original goal just to be a professional wrestler. It then became a wrestler who travels the world and I've achieved that. But if I had to think of an overall goal it would definitely be WWE. They haven't had a NZ wrestler there since the bushwhackers and I would love it if I could be the one that was able to show off NZ to the world.

Thanks so much Travis for taking the time out of your day! 
So many places to check out this talented guy!
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