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My Name is Dominic, I have been running under the name The UK Dominator for the past 23 years.


I started in 1995 in a company called combat championship wrestling (CCWUK) I was trained in Doncaster by Darren Surgey who wrestled under the name Darren Ryder (AKA Bully Boy Brigs).  My training sessions were very hard, the wrestling scene back then wasn’t exactly easy to get into, you had to prove yourself many times.  Back then wrestling was built on respect not like today, where it's too easy to get into the wrestling scene, trainees don’t know how lucky they are!  There doesn’t seem to be any respect left in the wrestling business anymore.

I spent the first three years of my career working for free as a face.  Once I proved to my trainer that I was good enough, I started getting paid, that’s when I changed my gimmick to heel.  For the past 20 years, I’ve not looked back.  

I started on the holiday camps, working 9 shows a week, over 9 weeks.  When I wasn’t on the camps, I would do the circuits.  I work for different UK companies like Basix wrestling, (RDW) Real deal wrestling, (CCWUK) Combat Championship Wrestling, Premier Wrestling, All-Star Promotions, (DWA) Devon Wrestling Association, Evolution Wrestling Gloucester, (PWA) Plymouth Wrestling Association, (LEP) Torquay Wrestling, (CPW) Cornish pro wrestling and many more companies in the UK.

What is your opinion on how pro wrestling in the South West is going, especially in Devon and Cornwall?

Devon and Cornwall has a very huge wrestling scene it seems to be getting bigger every year.

Same question but for the UK as a whole.


My opinion on the UK wrestling scene seems to be anyone that has done a little bit of training think they can run a wrestling promotion.  There are a lot of companies out there that have been going for years, that have put a lot of work into their company, and then comes along your little promotion and pick up all the glory.  Not good.


With independent wrestling on the rise, do you think WWE is the place to be?


The WWE is a world wide company.  There are a lot of wrestlers that think they’re good enough for this company, they need to wake up if you want to aim for the WWE, then you need to put the work in.  Now do I think it’s the place to be?  Of course the answer is yes, if you’re good enough.


Who are your favourite, and who would be your dream opponents, to face?


Favourite wrestlers would have to be James storm and Abyss.  I’ve already fulfilled my favourite match, as I tagged up with PJ Jones and Wrestled James and Abyss in Plymouth, one of my favourite matches of all time.  If you want to see it, have a look on Facebook HERE.  I will never forget that match, it was awesome, it was a pleasure to work with two of the most professional wrestlers of all time.

If you can name 3 wrestlers who influence your style, who would they be?

Number one for me would be stone cold Steve Austin for the best heel tactics and his showmanship number two would have to be Rick flair for his awesome promo skills Number three is one of the UK old school wrestlers Ricky knight  for his all-round wrestling skills he could work the audience a treat.

For those unaware who you are, how would you describe your style and character?

My style of character is a bully I don’t put up with any crap from anyone I am the ultimate rule breaker don’t like anyone but myself.

If my sources are correct, you only currently work in Devon & Cornwall.  If given the opportunity, would you be interested in working in Somerset and beyond at all, and where?

As an Independent Wrestler I am always open to work for other companies given the time as I do run my own company alongside James.

You’re what people call a veteran in this business, you’ve made a name for yourself, especially in the South West that I’m aware of, is there any advice you’d give to those training or just starting out?

My advice for other trainees that are trying to get in to the business work hard don’t think people will hand it to you on a plate always go to training and listen never think you have learnt everything as a 23-year wrestler I still learn and always will never think you’re good enough or better than anyone else.

Are you at all interested in being in Plymouth for the new REACH promotion and care to tell us if they’ve contacted you, or vice versa?

Reach promotions have not contacted me as yet, yes I would work for them if they asked.

Can you tell me your thoughts of your time in the now defunct PWA and how you feel now it has come to an end, knowing you were there near the end?

PWA Was a good company to work for.  It went through many hands.  Many promoters, as they learn, promoting is a very hard thing to do.  It takes a lot of time and patience, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s a shame it ended.

Same question but with Pride Wrestling, and what is your opinion on the promotion and the name change to Fight League?

I have worked for pride since they started, the name change doesn’t change the quality of Wrestling they put on it is a very good promotion with high-quality wrestling.

A website I was checking out wrote a little about you.  They said although you're in your 50's, you're still going strong and it doesn't look like you're slowing down any time soon.  Can I get your thoughts on this?

I am 53 in July I do not know how to slow down I will go on until I cannot get in the ring or vault over the top rope when that happens that is when I will stop (unless my wife has her way and can persuade me to stop sooner).


You've been called one of the greatest heels in the UK, could you ever see yourself turning face in any of the usual promotions you work for?

I have been a heel for 20 years can you or anyone see me as face I don’t think I would know what to do I haven’t got the look to make anyone like me it is easy to make people hate you.

Would you ever consider setting up your own wrestling school and do you help train anywhere now?

We have been running a wrestling school in Devon since 2009 which was set up by Joel Redman to help wrestlers in Southwest to better their wrestling it was shut down when Joel went to the WWE after a few years of being shut Myself and James Gilbert decided to reopen in 2015 since then we grown to over 40 trainees.


What's it like being in the ring with some of the finest, hungriest young talent in the UK?  Care to tell us your favourite opponent if you have one and why?

There are many favourite opponents to pick one would be John Harding I have been feuding with John for many years and had many matches that are been very good also favourite up-and-coming wrestlers would be Glenn Alexander, Jason King, Austin Drake, I could go on for hours and hours but these are the next generation to name only a few.

I saw a picture, that a website claims it's you, in a sort of Demolition get up.  Is this you?

The picture is Dominator, there are two of us.  It is very hard to confuse which is which, I am the UK Dominator he is The Dominator, with two completely different gimmicks.  If I was honest, I think he has the better one.


Any other dates/future appearances of yourself that you'd like to plug?

At the moment there are many dates that I am running with DWA which people can find on the DWA Facebook page our next show is in Barnstable on the 14th of April and I am at CPW Cornwall on the 28th of April in the Bodmin jail.


Anything else you'd like to add / give thanks to anyone / shout out to any companies / people?


I would like to give thanks to Bully Boy Brigs, for giving me the opportunity to become The wrestler I am today, and a shout out to Mike Roberts my old tag team partner, all the old boys in Wales and a huge shout out to Jack Jester and all the boys in Scotland.  Miss you all like crazy and many more good friends.