Writer Vacancies

 For Writer Vacancies:


*Contacting and arranging interviews with talent.
*Researching and studying the talent you are interviewing.
*Prepare between 10-20 questions to ask the talent you are interviewing.

An example of the type of interviews can be found here: WRITTEN, AUDIO, VIDEO

Every interview job requires:

*Knowledge of the talent (research)

*Have some basic questions that you can ask all the talent that you interview.
*Personalise questions to the individual talent you are interviewing.


Remember the following:

*To email or message Vince (PWW Owner) to confirm arranged interviews. This is to allow Vince time to create a graphic to promote the upcoming interview.
*Contact Vince to arrange the recording of an interview if it’s an audio one (various software is required that Vince has).  Please note: if you are arranging a video interview, it is your responsibility to sort the equipment etc.
*You will be responsible for posting about upcoming interviews in numerous social media groups, fan sites and the website so that fans can ask questions.

*No interview should be the same.
*All we ask from you is that you progress your writing techniques over the course of your interviews.

Important Details:

*Please always remember to use hashtags. This helps build our audience.

*Remember to use your username followed by a link to the website under every post.

If you feel you are the ideal candidate, and are able to do the above, please contact us ASAP by using the contact form HERE.


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