Zander is a Scottish pro wrestler.  Mostly known from GPWA as part of the Govan Team with Ravie Davie.

My name is Zander McGuire, I'm 23 years old from good old Sunny Govan and I've been living here all my life never even moved house. So far I've worked for ICW, GPWA, SSW and UCW but looking forward to getting out there and being in as many places as possible.

How long have you been in the business and why did you want to become a professional wrestler?

I started training in August last year and had my first match in May so just over a year. Same answer that most give I'm sure, I've been a huge wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, I don't have an earliest memory or some big shining moment where I just knew its what I had to do. Wrestling has just always been the one constant in my life and all through school and college or work I've never been interested or really passionate about what I was doing and that all changed when I started training for wrestling, I'm 100% in this for the long run.

What would you consider the hardest part about being a professional athlete?

Hahaha I wouldn't go as far as professional athlete just yet but I am trying! What I will say is that I've done lots of sports over the years and none of them are anywhere near as demanding physically and mentally, wrestling is hard to get right, the fitness drills are exhausting and if you don't really want it then it will tear you up mentally as well.

Finding the time to eat right, go to the gym, train in wrestling and hold a 9-5 job to support your wrestling habit can be tough but I'm certainly not the first to do it so you've just got to keep yourself focused and take it all as it comes.

Could you tell us some of your career highlights?

I'm only a few months in but I've already gotten the chance to do some really cool things, my debut was special because its the one you always dream about, back when I was wrestling with Ravie out on old mattresses in a back garden we would always be like, "if only we had a ring think of all the stuff we could do" and here we are 18 years later finally living out the dreams of two daft wee scheme boys.

The same sort of thing goes for winning our first set of Tag Titles down in Sunderland, just surreal moments when you look at it from our point of view as kids. As far as ICW goes everything I've had the opportunity to do has been class, from being a part of Shugs, to being on the Hydro and most recently making my debut as part of The Govan Team. Really looking forward to what 2018 brings.

If you can name 3 wrestlers who influence your style, who would they be?

I don't really know to be honest, I think you just sort of pluck out influences without thinking about it. My spinebuster is definitely modelled after Arn Anderson's because his was always my favourite and I suppose in a weird way I've had to take stuff from Ravie since we are tagging but his heads big enough as it is. All 5 of my coaches definitely play a huge part in what I do in the ring even if it is more mentally than what Im actually doing move wise etc.

Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling?

All time greats I dont see how you could argue with Hogan/Austin/Rock/Cena in terms of the big faces since I've been watching but my personal top four would be Austin/Rock/Angle/Thatcher Wright and I will argue that till death.

Who would you say is/are the next breakthrough star(s) in GPWA?

I think people like Sam, Kez, Leighton etc are all right there with Ravie and The Purge in that I'd put them on any show in the country.

There are plenty of people in GPWA who are great to be in the ring with, far too many to name and lots of them better than me who haven't had the same right time right place luck as me but as far as people who no one has ever heard of yet, there's a newer boy called Bruno Alves (naw Im deadly serious) and I think if he gets the right gimmick then he's off to the races. 

Who are your favourite and dream opponents to face?

So far my favourites have been The Purge it just feels better to be in against an actual team and a lot of our tag matches so far have been against two singles guys.

As far as dream opponents I think we could have a lot of fun against the likes of The Bucky Boys and Polo Promotions but really we are just looking to take on anyone and everyone to keep getting better.

Being from GPWA, what’s it like training under some of the greatest British stars to date?

It's amazing, they all have unique perspectives so you're constantly learning and relearning from over 60 years of combined experience, if you're looking to train I couldn't recommend the Asylum enough.

How did you feel when Bram fucked up Davie’s face at ICW Shug’s?

At first I wasn't worried because I've seen his face in worse states, he's had to fight for everything he has right now so I think we both had the same mindset of it could be worse but as the match went on it got harder and harder to look at and I was just hoping there was no permanent damage, he's ugly enough as it is.

Which coach in GPWA has influenced you the most in your training?

They all do in their own ways it would be too unfair to single anyone out and that might sound like a cop out but it's just the truth.

Paul Thomson asks “If you could have a 5 star epic with any Luchador from El Bridgèton, who would it be”?

Definitely no Soldato anyway what a fucking jobber he is.

Ross French asks “who are your favourite people to spinebuster”?

The big man knows fine well hes on that list haha, Stevie James joins him on there cause of how easy he is to throw about and then Kez Evans and Austin Orisis cause they are fucking bams [Editor: that's Scottish for basically saying they're dicks - I've had this confirmed by a Glaswegian] and you could never get tired of hitting them.

Kristofer Craig asks “any more family members likely to pop up as part of Govan Team?”

I doubt it haha but who knows, my maw kicking about the Asylum with her dreaded frying pan is a scary enough thought but dunno if the world is ready for that...We come from a big family so who knows...

Kristofer Craig asks “Is there anything you'd like to work into your repertoire that you haven't had a chance to fully polish up yet?”

Everything, just want to take it all in like a sponge and be as good as I can at everything so that I have it ready to bust out if I want too. I don't do a lot of chain wrestling for example but I've got to make sure no one can tie me up like a pretzel.

One last question. What’s next for you? (Where are you going / what are your plans?)

Just to keep wrestling everywhere I can and to try and get better and better and pick up some more Tag gold along the way, 2018 should be a great year!

Are there any people or organisations you’d like to give a special thank you / shout out to?

GPWA, ICW, SSW and UCW for booking me and giving me the opportunities to thrive on.

Ravie for obvious reasons and everyone at the Asylum for helping me all through my training students and coaches alike.

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